October 29, 2013

Day 157

Today, I'm just going to say, was a hell'a lot better than yesterday! Not only did I have Advanced English today, I also had a particularly good composition tutoring lesson, and it almost made up for yesterday's crappy beginnings to the week. The amount of information that we think about and process in a single day is astounding to me. Today, as I was doing intervals at Cross Country, I thought about so many things about myself, like how far I've come as a person in the past seven years, how now that the season is almost over, I'm finally enjoying Cross Country as a sport, how I might be able to make my play more fluid, how when I get a MacBook Pro I'm totally getting that Iron Man decal that my friend has because she's awesome! Stuff like that, and a whole lot more besides floated into my brain, and that was only when running.

Post was good as the second start to the day. I say second start, because STAM is kin of a crappy start to the day, and we have a test tomorrow, so that sucks! Anyway, Post was interesting. We talked about the ending of Cuckoo's Nest and about the implications of the book, as well as our assignment/project revolving around the book. The project is an interesting one, because the teacher left it up to us what to do. In the past, he's had students write music or draw pictures or create cartoons, or if you're super creative, just write a normal English paper about the book. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I'm kinda leaning toward the music thing, but no matter what we do, we're all going to have to do some type of writing supplement. It sounds like a fun project!

Advanced English was very fun today. For the first half of class, the teacher was observed by the Golden Apple award judge people, and as a result was very nervous it seemed to us. The second half of class, we split off into groups and shared our plays. I was the only one in my group to actually have a finished play, and so it was a little weird hearing bits and pieces of my cohorts' drafts of their plays. One of them didn't even get to share hers because we were running low on time. My play was also quite long, so that cut into the time a bit too (sorry). My peers' plays were fun; one of them was about a crossing guard and a homeless man, and the girl who wrote it is really not the type of person whom I would see as someone who would write such a quirky story, but it was fun, and I liked it! I'm looking forward to editing my play; there are some spots in there that should get cleaned up because they don't flow with the rest of the piece, but that's okay for now. Next time, we'll have a work day, which'll be nice.

We had our annual pumpkin-flinging contest today between our third and fourth class. It's where the whole upper school gathers to watch this giant five-man operated trebuchet launch these pumpkins at this castle, each decorated by the advisory of an upper school teacher. My advisory's pumpkin was decorated as Mike Wazoski, painted up green and such, and he looks so cute! My friend's advisory (who has always won the pumpkin-decorating contest), did theirs as a zombie. That advisory is up against some pretty stiff competition this year, though ,so we'll see who wins! The flinging event was awesome! My advisor was the announcer person, which was just great, 'cause he has such a booming radio voice!

Fourth block was free for me today, because my strings teacher is nice and merciful. I spent the majority of it reading my Tempest reading for tomorrow. Cross Country was, as mentioned above, intervals. I'm feeling very strong now! Intervals no longer hurt me; in fact I feel stronger after I run them than I do when I begin, so it's a cool feeling and  I feel so accomplished! We're all so pumped for Friday's districts meet (hopefully we won't get flooded like last week!) and I'm looking forward to it!

Composition tutoring was pretty fun. I showed my tutor my first full orchestral piece, and he liked it. I couldn't get it to play the recording on my phone though, so next week i will do that. My tutor also gave me this beginner's piano book. THis one is unique though because unlike normal beginning piano books, this one's material is aimed at older people, people like me who have some music experience, but don't know how to read one clef and not the other one, or for people who know some theory but are just starting out on the piano. In other words, this book was made for me! So I'm really happy he gave me this to borrow and study.

I came home and we got my Senior pictures picked out for the yearbook! Hooray! I also practiced the violin. I dragged out the first movement of the Bach A Minor concerto, and it went better than I had expected, as I had not played it in a year! I'm looking forward to Sunday when I can work on it with my teacher. Well, it's getting late. Better hit the hay, lest my math test goes awry tomorrow (it probably will anyway). Goodnight all!

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