October 27, 2013

Day 155

I find that whenever I am at a concert, particularly if I'm seeing an orchestra or symphony perform, I find that my thoughts tend to wander. Such happened today when Aaron and I went to see the Albuquerque Philharmonic perform Dvorak's Ninth Symphony. I began thinking about the fact that I'm playing Phantom tomorrow (more on that below), about orchestration and what I like and don't like about music, form and such, and a host of other fleeting thoughts that ran through my head as this awesome piece full of character filled the church hall. I tend to think of symphonies as novels: they're long and sprawling, and if written and performed correctly, tend to leave you with wanting more while still wrapping up all the major themes within the piece. Every section of the orchestra is a character, every movement a chapter, and every theme within the piece a chance for us as listeners to get to see into the mind of the composer, or into the minds of the instruments, as the composer is able to utilize the strings or brass or percussion in their own ways to form a unique and powerful experience.

I got to thinking about this, because this morning I finished off my one-act play for Advanced English, and I was like "holy crap. I just wrote a play!" And that thought stuck with me until that concert this evening. I had never written a play before, and to complete even a rough draft of a one-act really made me happy. I love writing, and listening, to dialogue, yet have always found it difficult to imagine nothing but dialogue as the makeup of a story. So, when I learned that we were going to do a playwrite unit in Advanced English, I was downright pumped! This is something that I don't know how to do, and today I finished a rough draft of my play, and I'm just so happy. So, anyway, I wrote this play, right, and I'm thinking okay, now what does this do differently than a short story or a book? I actually found the whole play writing thing not very difficult, and I approached the project no differently than I do when writing stories. I just didn't include pages of description and inner thoughts from characters. It was a fun experience, and I'm so proud of myself for writing a first draft today!

The gang came over and rehearsed Phantom today. They loved the masks that we bought yesterday! Can't wait to wear them tomorrow! The whole thing went pretty well. We're all a little nervous about tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll go fine. As long as I remember all the tricky spots and I don't lose my place, then I think we'll be good. Our guitarist brought up the idea that we should form a band... like our group should do more covers of songs, and we were totally into it! I'm hoping that we continue to collaborate in the future, because I like our style, and I think we have a real spark that connects us.

Went to Flying Star tonight for dinner. All of us got breakfast items to eat, and Aaron and I split some awesome carrot cake for dessert. Yum! Then we went to Smiths to get groceries. We came home and I made some more luminaria sails calls. They're getting easier, so that's nice. I'm really tired now, and my Aunt and I are in a heated discussion over the new Captain America trailer, so I should wrap this up! Wish me luck tomorrow, everyone!

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