October 26, 2013

Day 154

Thank God it's Saturday! What's more, I didn't have a Cross Country meet today either, because we were supposed to have one yesterday, and I just like the idea of sleeping in on Saturday again! Woke up and updated my computer to Mavericks, which is so not different than the previous systems update, it's not really worth anything to me. Glad it's updated all the same.

My Mom and I cleaned the house for the next two hours. I cleaned my bathroom, reorganized my Transformers collection so that it takes up less space now, and spent the rest of the morning on Tumblr (seriously, there's like no end to the awesomeness of that site)! Aaron came over at around 1:00 after he finished taking the ACT. He said it went okay. We were going to see Twelve Years a Slave, but apparently Albuquerque doesn't get the movie for another two weeks (weird), so we saw Gravity instead. It was Aaron's first time seeing it, and he loved it. I enjoyed it a second time too; the suspense in the movie still got to me, and I loved the effects!

After that, we returned home and set up Halloween decorations. I did some great work on my Senior Thesis project, and then we all got ourselves something to eat. My Mom took us to the Owl CafĂ©, and it was delicious! I had a Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, and Tomato sandwich (a BLAT, if you will), and it was super yummy. Found out that Vanessa was going to a Halloween party tonight dressed as Harley Quinn, and that just made me smile! Once we finished our meal, we all went to Target to buy Iron Man 3, then went to Party City to buy Phantom of the Opera masks for Monday. Super cool.

Came home and promptly watched Iron Man 3. It was such a great film, and I'm so glad I now have it on DVD! I love the movie because it not only has a great story, but Tony Stark is able to not just carry the film, but also have the film be about him as a person. Iron Man 2 had none of that; it was all about the suits and joking around, while also being a shameless plug for The Avengers. But Iron Man 3 returns to the first film's roots: it has plenty of action and comedy, but also a great thematic presence and character development, all of which comes back to Tony and how he feels about the events in The Avengers, and how those events affected him in very human and realistic ways. I might do a review of this sometime; I don't usually do movie reviews because they're long and daunting and I'm lazy as hell, but this one might get my treatment of ego and pontificating because it's so good, and I have so much to say about it.

Off to bed now. Tomorrow should be fun, because I have the Phantom gang coming over along with Aaron being here, so that should be interesting...

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