October 24, 2013

Day 152

So, I had this dream last night, one of the ones where when you wake up from it you internally hate yourself because it was such a great dream and you've now woken back up in reality, yeah, one of those. In this dream, I was married and had two children. It turns out that in the span of eight hours of sleep, I had lived out a lifetime in a dream. Like, from us getting married to me dying (or slightly before; the details are kinda fuzzy), but yeah, everything was there. I remember some stuff very vividly: the daughter in the dream had wide green eyes and a cute smile; the son had a badass haircut and travelled around on a skateboard, and my wife was kinda familiar, but y'know, it was a dream, so I couldn't quite place my finger on who she reminded me of... when I woke up; it wasn't like in the dream I was searching for who my wife was! Anyway, I wake up, and I'm all happy, 'cause this dream was great. And then reality comes crashing down. It was like my head hit a brick wall. Must have had some physical impact too, because when I came out to breakfast, my Mom said that I looked like I had been hit by a train: my hair was all up on one side of my head, and I guess my face was crooked... I don't know, I was still kinda asleep.

So, I get to school, and I remember why my wife in the dream looked so familiar. She was my mind's image of a friend of mine. Now, I don't know if my mind was telling me that subconsciously I have feelings for this person; probably not. I had been texting her last night before I went to bed, so maybe my mind came up with her image... I don't know. so anyway, I wanted to tell her about my dream, right, but of course that would be a little awkward... so instead I'm telling the Internet about it. Yeah, that's not gonna bite me in the ass later on down the line.

Not sure why I'm telling you guys any of this. I guess I want to get this down on paper, and instead of keeping a private journal, I instead broadcast my uncomfortable dreams and messed up fantasies to the world at large... because that's just how I am. Is that selfish? Probably, but this is my blog, and I think I have a right to put on here what I wish (as long as its not incriminating; it's not like I woke from the dream with a sudden urge to kill someone).

My friend and I continued our mural drawing in my sketchbook in STAM, and also managed to get the homework done at the same time! Yay (because we're just that good). English was actually really cool, because I came up with what I think is like the best idea for a paper ever: relating The Tempest's Arial to Iron Man 3's Tony Stark. Think about this for a second: in class, we were talking about how Arial is a spirit, and thus longs for anything human to grasp (no pun intended). She is devoid of physical contact with anyone, and all she has is her wits and people to envy, people who have the ability to touch and experience tactile sensation. This makes her feel small and insignificant; the idea that she is so small, missing so much of what it means to be human, that is her struggle. Tony Stark is also feeling very small in Iron Man 3: he's just faced down an alien army and interacted with Gods and other dimensions in The Avengers, and this affects his psyche to the point where he feels so insignificant next to  all these big things around him. All he has are his suits, and he's tinkering with them because he needs to feel important; he needs to be able to try and defend against things like the things in The Avengers even though he knows that he alone probably won't be able to. I just thought the connection was very cool, and while I'm probably not explaining it very well here, in my mind it is clear, and I really want to write a paper on it now!

Cross Country today was an easy run. I'm running a meet tomorrow (get out of school at 11:30 for it), so that's pretty cool, though I'm missing Advanced English and Post, which kinda sucks. Anyway, the run was good today. It helps me think. Violin was pretty fun. I'm working on the Bach A Minor 2nd movement, and I'm loving it! My Mom mentioned that when I hit those ringing tones in the piece, I sound like a flute. I'm sure it was meant to be a compliment; I'm just not sure if I like being compared to a flute, because violins are infinitely more awesome!

Then we had this freaking chess meet! Okay, this thing was ridiculous. I played this game where I totally trounced this guy (he wasn't very good), and then in the end, he ended up mating me with a back-rank mate! Damn! This was after an earlier missed opportunity where I totally could have won had I not traded my queen! Stupid blunder (both times really)! Argh! But, I actually still really liked that game! I think I started off the season strong, even though I just had a few slip-ups that ended up costing me the game. It was a great game though. I liked it. I came home and we watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and man is it getting... better. I think this show's biggest weakness is that it's trying too hard to be intelligent; it just winds up coming off cliché and not natural. There are some elements of it that work; this episode in particular: the ending was pretty good. I think a stronger focus on Coulson would help out the series a lot. Get more into his story and really make this his journey. Anyway, I should get to bed; I do have a meet tomorrow after all!

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