October 23, 2013

Day 151

Had a great day today! I am in high spirits because I just had my strings concert, and I think it went pretty well! We all played beautifully, and the energy in the room was clearly on the high end, so we had a great time performing!

I've been thinking a lot about the past seven years of late, seeing as how I am a senior and I'm going to be graduating this year, and I've been thinking about my Dad and how he's (hopefully) proud of me and my accomplishments. I'd like to think that I've lived up to him and what he's taught me. I bring this up because I got my senior pictures back the other day (I look damn handsome, if I do say so myself), and in one of the pictures, I look so much like my Dad, which is odd, because the picture is of me playing the violin, which my Dad never did, but just my expression and my stance and the whole thing... I just look so much like my Dad, and that makes me so happy!

There's been a lot of other things on my mind too, like violin and all the stuff I have to do in the next couple weeks, and colleges (I still have to submit the Common Application and all my supplements, even though I've been done for two weeks, WTF?!) and also writing. I want to write so many things, most of which would be so simple to put down on paper... like, I want to write about what I loved about Iron Man 3, or maybe talk about Buffy, and Star Trek, or why I hated Star Trek: Into Darkness, or maybe just write more of my Transformers fanfics, or continue my Prime reviews... there are just too many things in my head and I can't get them all down on paper. I wish I could just yell at the world about myself, about what I love... I suppose that's what I'm doing right now, yelling at the world. My Mom was really funny: she just posted on facebook "why isn't the laundry basket the symbol for infinity?" I can't argue with that!

This is turning into a Focus Free Write. We do those at school where we write for ten minutes or so about a certain topic, but the actual goal is to just keep generating ideas or just keep our fingers moving across the keyboard or keep our pens moving. That's pretty much what I'm doing now, if you haven't noticed. Putting yourself out there (provided you don't do or say anything incriminating on the Internet) takes a lot of guts, and while I sometimes dread the blogging, stuff like this... I like it, y'know? I like that I'm able to do this. I think it helps me write, or at least keeps me writing.

That's really why I took on this project. I want this to be more like a Focus Free Write than just me taking you through the same schedule every day. Talking about what I love, what happened during the day, not just academically, but also socially. Did I laugh today? Why? Was there a particular moment in today that stood out for me? These are the questions that I want to indulge and I think I've kinda missed that for the majority of the time that I've been doing this. I've been trying to get better (my recent posts have been longer, if you've noticed), and I think now that I've said this on paper, I'll have a better chance of doing it. I really just need to sit down and write. Not from my phone, but from a laptop or desktop, where I have space to think and brows other places and catch glimpses of the sun through the window... I don't know.

So, what happened today? Strings concert, as mentioned way above went well, and I had a great time with that. I had a lovely conversation with a friend of mine about Tumblr (he just got one, see) and about what it's used for. It was funny, 'cause somehow or another, we got to talking about Spain (he went there on a trip over the summer), and he told me all this stuff that they do there, like for breakfast, they have warm milk and cereal, chocolate milk (also warm), and crackers. Like... that's so alien! I can't even believe it.

Today in STAM, Aaron and I had a great time trying to figure out how to use a certain graphing function on my calculator (dear God), and we continued our doodle mural in my math notebook. It's completely insane! That class was great though, because we had a sub, and he and I know each other pretty well, so we were just bickering in good fun at each other the whole time! It was so great!

In Advanced English, we read this play called Good People. It's pretty good, I guess. My teacher read a play that he wrote last year following a certain format that we are supposed to follow when writing our first one-act, three-scene play, and his was kinda creepy. It was about this priest who impregnated a teen girl and the climactic line was "Why don't you keep your dick in your pants?" Like, Jesus Christ! From a school teacher! What made this even better was that immediately after the teacher's play was done, a friend of mine came in to class late, and we all burst out laughing because she had missed the shock of hearing that line by like a minute, and the teacher (who I'm almost certain is insane), just doubled over laughing, and it was just the greatest thing, because the shock value was pretty intense!

Anyway, that was a portion of my day today. I really can't write any more. I am exhausted and tomorrow is looking like it's gonna be another long day. I have a chess meet after my violin lesson, so that should go well (I hope). I'm at least looking forward to it. I'm also glad that I've settled into my new format of this project. I think I'm going to like it a lot more.

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