October 22, 2013

Day 150

The next couple of weeks (months... years... whatever) are going to be really busy, so I'm holding off on doing any major reviewing of Prime. You might get one or two "mini-views" I guess of plays that I'm going to see for my Advanced English class, but as far as the main reviews go, I'm focussing my attention on school right now, so sorry. Hey, if one of these days I feel inspired, then you might get a review early, so there's that!

Today was... really long. I don't know; I look back on the past two months of school, and I'm thinking, "okay, so these last two months have just flown by, right, and then here I am only a day into this week and I'm already done! How can that be?"

So, I get to school and I'm all set for my History presentation! I've got my notes, my lecture all planned out complete with opening joke and ending quip, transition onto the next person presenting, etc. So I'm all excited about that, and then my Advisor and I talk about Buffy, which, hey that's a great way to start off my morning. Go to English first, though, and we discuss some Shakespeare... not the greatest thing in the world, but I'm liking it all the same. Took a reading quiz in there, and it's all good, right?

So, I get to History, we sit through this other presentation, and then we get up to present our thing... and when my slide comes up, my partner totally usurps my position and sums up the slide in two sentences and then they move on, like "yeah, just ignore that guy in the corner there". Now, admittedly, I didn't speak up on my own behalf, which I probably should have done, but really? Like, we had talked about the plan not five minutes ago! How do you forget something like that so quickly?! Not to mention then that some other people in the group had a completely separate presentation that they then had to upload and get to and do their thing... the whole thing was just really rushed and half-assed.

Now, obviously, speaking up would have been the thing to do, and I'm not one to dispute logic here, but at the time I thought I'd look childish and bitchy... like I am now, and it was a bad call on my part, but the thing that irks me most is that the person who took my slide also didn't really know what she was talking about, certainly not as much as I did... and she's the one who did ninety percent of the research! All I did was skim a few articles and look of the definition of our topic (we were studying philosophy during the Scientific revolution); she did the bulk of the research, so what the hell?

Anyway, I talked to my History teacher about it at the end of the period, and he said that I could present to him privately during fourth block, and that's what I did, and we had a fine discussion on the differences and relationships between science and religion. So, I guess it was fine, but that is clearly not how to work a presentation. Ugh. Anyway, after the school day, I went over to composition tutoring, and that was fun. Yay! I'm looking at movie scores and we talked a little bit about orchestration. I love my comp tutor at the end: he's all like "here, have some twenty-stave paper and just go to town orchestrating something!" And I"m all "aw hell yeah!" Great! So now I have to come up with something by next week with undertones and multi-voicing and polyphony and all this stuff that he's going to be analyzing and... OMG my body is not ready!

Well, I'm pretty tired now. I'm off to bed so that tomorrow can come more quickly and I can be that much closer to being done with this week. Goodnight.

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