October 21, 2013

Day 149

Got up and immediately felt like I just wanted to die 'cause of this awe flu cold, but my Mom sent me off to school anyway. But it turned out to be a great day, because my Advanced English teacher performed his own song about Amelia Erhart and it was great! Just a bright way to start off the day!

In Post, we talked more Cuckoo's Nest and then looked at the Beatles and their music evolution and talked a little bit about the Rolling Stones. It was a fun class, and I'm liking just how laid back it is in there.

Advanced English itself was pretty fun. We talked about this play called The Mountaintop by Katori Hall. It's really good. We also are now writing our second scene of our one-act play! Pretty exciting!

In Strings, we went over our pieces for Wednesday's concert. Being sick, I messed up and sucked more than usual, and it didn't help that the teacher took my stand-partner's spot when they went to the bathroom, so I wax also nervous on top of everything else! Anyway, then she gave us the last fifteen minutes to work on All State stuff, so I just practiced the school music some more (because I'm not doing All State this year... thank God).

STAM was okay. We learned some fancy operations on our calculators to calculate a best fit line and find the equation and all that. Pretty standard stuff. Also got my homework done in that class too. Yay.

Didn't gp to Cross Country today because I was sick and kinda dizzy at the end of the day. I had some leftover cake that a fellow student brought in that day (which probably didn't help), and completed my Tempest reading for tomorrow.

AYS was really fun tonight! For the fist half of rehearsal, we sight-read this opera film score from The Fifth Element, which I have unfortunately not seen. However, we rehearsed it with the singer, and man, can she sing! It's a very zany piece. The section directions say Punchy Techno Beat, and so our conductor was all over this "start at the Punchy!" thing, and it was so funny! Then in the second half, we had sectional rehearsals, and that was actually enjoyable, and our section leader let us out on time!

Now headed to bed, looking forward to what will hopefully not be a complete train wreck if a History presentation tomorrow.

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