October 19, 2013

Day 145

My teacher and the Santa Fe Symphony are playing this!!!! One of my friends is sitting in for a member of the orchestra, and I'm super lealous of her, but happy for her too!

Started the day out with STAM. My friend and I doodled in my notebook, and we created this whole alien battle scene! Still got the notes for the class, though, so that was good.

Talked about the Beatles and The Who in Post today! Also talked more Cuckoo's Nest. I'm really loving this book and the analysis were doing on it! Had Advanced English after lunch. Started writing our plays today! Mine is about these two violinists and I'm loving writing it! Monologues are cool!

Read more thesis material and then headed over to strings. We had seating auditions for this solo thing, but only the first violins got to go today. The rest of us had our backs to them so we could judge which of them we liked without knowing who they were. It wax okay, I guess. Some of my friends were less than pleased at the prospect of being judged, but we were really judging the music, not the person, so I found it okay.

Violin lesson, my teacher and I talked about audition material for college music auditions. Learning the Bach A Minor for my slow piece, but we're not sure what my quick flourishy piece would be yet. Then she showed me that they're playing the Star Trek Through the Years Medley, and that made me super happy! What's more, my school strings teacher is taking us to it for a fix trip, so that should be fun!

Tomorrow's Friday! Thank God. This week's gone on long enough!

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