October 16, 2013

Day 144

Senior App day was a blast! I actually didn't have a lot to fill out in terms of supplements: I filled out one for Oberlin, and that was the only big one that I wrote. All the rest were already partially written, so my process was less daunting than some of the other people. Seriously, some of my classmates had only one college that used the Common App, so that meant that they had to fill out all the grueling questions over and over and over again! That sucks! :( I was done at around 12:00, but my edits for my Common App essay don't get done until tomorrow, so I can't actually submit anything yet.

I mostly read for the rest of the day. Cuckoo's Nest is super neat now, and I talked with my Post teacher about it (he and my 10th grade English teacher were both right there, so we got to chatting about things). I read more stuff for thesis, and I'm really enjoying it! At the end of the day, we were all so tired and happy and done that I kinda wish it was summer now.

Cross Country was an easy day to fuel our laziness, and I came home with literally nothing to do. I watched Prime and folded Luminaria bags (yes, we still have some) and then worked on getting all the bowings right in my concerto. Overall, this was a badass day! Oh, and I finally received that article from the author herself for my thesis! Hard core stuff in that thing, man!

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