October 15, 2013

Day 143

Started the day off with STAM. Went to the computer lab and looked at how to creat a best-fit line in Excel. Then we went back to the classroom and took some notes. A friend of mine and I talked in pirate voices for this class, 'cause we're weird and apparently take our excellent education for granted.

Speaking of excellent education, next came Post. We talked about our latest section of Cuckoo's Nest, and then looked at JFK and his impact on the country ANC his assassination's impact on the country. Pretty depressing, but interesting stuff nonetheless!

In Advanced English, we started our playwriting unit! I'm so stoked about this; have been since I got into this class, because this is a weak area of writing off me, and I really want to improve here! We didn't write anything today (that starts next class), but we fix read some plays on how to write plays! Pretty neat concept. Oh, and another friend of mine got her senior photos taken today, so she wasn't in class, which made me sad. But she said her photos turned out great, so we're all looking forward to seeing what they look like!

Had a neat reminiscing discussion with a group of friends about our seven years at my school. It of course turned to the pessimistic and unflattering memories, but it was a good talk, and it got me thinking about how far I've come in the last seven years of my life. Especially after talking to my outside reader yesterday, who was my Sixth Grade English teacher, this has really made me see that yeah, I've made some mistakes, but we've also all grown closer as a class and I know I've grown stronger as a person. It was just a nice conversation and thought-provoking look at our lives.

Strings was last. My teavher's really stressed because we have a concert nest Wednesday! I didn't know this until today, so now I'm of course stressed about it! We played through our pieces, but we need work on most of them. Little things really on some of them , though our intonation is pretty bad on this one piece. I'm sure it'll be fine; it almost always is.

Composition tutoring was really fun today! We listened to some of Brian Tyler's Transformers Prime music, because I wanted to talk to my tutor about film scoring. I love all the color you have in a full orchestra, and the way they utilize that in a film score is fascinating to me. So, my tutor then talked to me about chord structure and we analyzed Tyler's style and musicality and it was a fun time!

Watched last week's Person of Interest, because I needed to get caught up, and I'm loving what's going on! Amy Acker plays such a chilling role, and I'm liking that Shaw is part of the unit this season! Then we watched SHIELD and this was one of the better episodes! I'm liking Coulson and Shaw's (different Shaw) relationship and Coulson's relationship with May. Really , I just like Coulson. Tomorrow is Senior App Day, where we fill out all our supplements for the Common App schools and just lazy around and have a good time! Should he a nice break from the norm! 

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