October 14, 2013

Day 142

It's Monday. I hate Monday's. Actually, today wasn't so bad, but this week I just know is going to be hard. We have Senior App day on Wednesday, and that sounds great, but there is so much room for distraction and not getting things done. Also, I had AYS tonight, and I'm really not liking the conductor's attitude about everything. He's vague, sarcastic (not in the good way, but in the mocking, mean-spirited way), and he's sexist- kind of.

Had History first. I got done with my portion of my group's PowerPoint! Woot! Also had a discussion with my teacher about my thesis, and he outlined for me which of my sources. Would be considered academic and which ones would not. It was grating, because I really don't like the academic system of its only academic and viable if published by a university press. Ugh. Anyway, he was understanding and said that I just needed to provide context when I use my non-academic sources, so that's fine. I'm just really not happy with this absolutist attitude that academia has towards small-time articles and books.

English came next. We've started The Tempest! Happy day! I think I'm gonna love love love this unit! It's so cool. We read a little bit in class, and I'm loving the play so far! After that, I had free the rest of the day, and last block I talked with my secondary reader! Our discussion lasted a good hour, and he's very encouraging!

Didn't go with the cross country team on the field trip day, because they now get back at 6:00, and I have AYS at 6:15; not really enough time to get from my school to the building. Instead, I and a group of people ran a quick loop and called it a day.

AYS was tiresome. Kinda liking the new music, but it's barely enough to carry me through all the bad that is the conductor's attitude and views on things. Really not happy with him. Had pumpkin pie afterwards, though, so that was fun! Now really worn out. Tomorrow should be fun; we have Advanced English tomorrow! Yay! 

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  1. Ugh, bad conductors are the worst! I had a substitute conductor who was really over-the-top perky and treated us all like two-year-olds before changing stuff in our music the rehearsal before our concert (without letting our regular conductor know). We were not so pleased.