October 11, 2013

Day 139

Visited University of Redlands today! It was interesting. First came the tour, which was fun, because the guy presenting it was witty and I liked his casualness. I had hiccups the entire tour, so that must Haagen been lovely for everyone else (I know it was for me!) Next, mt Mom and I had lunch with a very nice sophomore student. She talked about student life and asked me what I was interested in, and I asked her about her classes and why she chose Redlands over other schools. She said that she chose it because of how good the financial aid program was.

By this point, my hiccups had subsided and I met with the dean of admissions for the school of music. It was a fairly standard meeting. He died me what instrument I played, what I was interested in studying, etc. and he gave me a handy sheet of when all the audition dates are! Great! This saves me so much time and swearing at the website, so thank you!

After that, I attended an English course. They were talking about Huck Finn, so I actually knew what was going on! The class was really cool. They really analyzed the book pretty thoroughly, though I will say that I'm starting to now really appreciate my education, as I think I did about this much analysis and such last year when I read this. Anyway, I then had a sit-down with the really nice teacher. She was this kinda quiet, mousy but confident person, and I liked her. She talked about what types of books they read over the course of the year, and I was impressed. My hiccups then returned, and I went back to the hotel.

I read a lot of my new Buffy books, and took copious notes within the pages. I felt so proud of myself! Had a lovely dinner at this English pub, and now my hiccups have returned again with a vengeance and I'm going to bed so I can stop feeling pain. Goodnight!

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