October 10, 2013

Day 137

Got these three books for my thesis today! I've started the top one, and it is just intense! I feel so smart, and thats only after reading the introduction!

Whew! What a day. School was pretty good, I guess. I had Strings and STAM first again, and we worked on All-State practice in strings. In STAM we basically went over how to effectively cheat on the SAT, and then I had some lunch. Advanced English was fun. Having already completed all of the assignments, I worked on my Transformers fanfic for a little while, before the teacher talked to me about my latest essay and how awesome it was. I appreciate a little stroking now and then, okay? Post was fun too! Learned about JFK, LBJ, and Nixon (sort of). It was fun. I like learning about the US Presidents again; continuing from last year is always fun for me.

After school, my Mom and I left for the airport to catch a plane to LA. The plane was actually really cool. It was like one of those new planes that has the blue space-agey lights and its all awesome and condusive to sleep! I read more Percy Jackson and started Sex and the Slayer (again, I felt so smart after reading the introduction; that wasn't even the meat of the book, and I still felt all advanced and intellectual!) Once off the plane, we had a whole to-do about the rental car we got. This thing is like the Fantastic Four bathtub car, y'know, the one from the '70s, and its just so tiny. And really, who puts the window controls down where the stereo goes? Anyway, we've finally made it to the hotel, and I'm really tired. I'm headed to bed. Tomorrow I visit Whittier!

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