October 8, 2013

Day 136

It's here!!!!!!!

Okay day today (though now awesome thanks to this book)! I had strings and STAM first, then English 12 second. English was okay. We talked about feminism and our objectification of women in Western society. As the only guy in the class, I felt it kinda transcended the equality for women objective and went for the putting down men thing. Not purposefully, of course, but there was this energy of mistrust (?) toward men during that conversation. Just interesting.

Had Modern History last. We split off into our working groups, and mine barely got anything done. Seriously, I need to focus and just do this research. I don't know; philosophy sounds like such a cool subject on the outside, and then when you get into it, it's like, well this is just the most boring thing ever! Sorry to those who are philosophers.

Middle school cross country had a new today, so the high school team had to help out with that. It was okay, but by this point in the day, I was just kinda done with everything. Composition tutoring was kinda like that too: just going through the motions of understanding, without really feeling that sense of excitement to learn!

S.H.I.E.L.D. was okay today. I'm feeling like the show is just going to suddenly transform into this masterpiece project of a thing in its second season, and this is the stuff that we'll all look back and go "man, remember when the show was like this?!"

Now I'm going to return to House of Hades and not get any sleep tonight! Bye!

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