October 7, 2013

Day 135

I just love the responses to this!

Performed at Middle School morning meeting today. Had to get up early, but it wasn't too bad. And the performance went quite well. Those middle schoolers, man! They're so tiny!

Had Advanced Emglish first today. Submitted my essay to Teen Ink, an online and in-print journal that publishes works from teenagers. Mine made the editor's choice spot, so that was exciting! Also during that class, I checked my email and found that an author of an article that I need for my thesis emailed me back today saying that she does in fact have copies that she can mail me! How cool is that?! An author emailed me back! Sweet!

Didn't have strings because we played in the morning, so this was like our reward. I of course did not take advantage of this in the slightest, and instead of working of the many things I could have worked on, I instead talked with a good friend of mine for the block.

STAM came third. We learned about two-variable statistics and scatter plots. Nifty stuff. After that, my friend and I continued out kind of insane conversation and annoyed the faculty to no end, I'm sure! Seriously, there's this one picture that I think would be so much improved by being taken at just a slightly different angle, but no one else agrees with me. Anyway, then my friend mentioned centipedes and I had to run away after that!

Post was fun, though kind of depressing. We learned about the rather tragic end to the Kennedy family, and how all of their lives went down. Then we talked about Cuckoo's Nest a lite bit, and that was cool. I'm loving this book!

Cross Country was a lot of running up and down sand dunes. Horrible stuff, really. And I hate Goethe coach is all cheery about it. Makes me kinda sick. AYS was fun! Got new music (and I got a stand partner)! Huapango was fun to play , and I liked the Mendelssohn once I got it. It's the easiest of our new pieces, but it's still a fun thing, partly because we're playing it with the choir! I'm kinda into the new pieces, though much of the music is hard to read.

Tomorrow my Works Consulted is due! Crazy!

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