October 6, 2013

Day 134

We're playing this in AYS! So pumped!

Woke up and got to reading my assigned reading for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! It's so good, I can't even believe it. Just what a great story; really eerie and dark! I kinda slept along the way, because it's Sunday and I was tired, even though it was 9:00. Had scones that my Mom made, and they were yummy; the perfect breakfast to wake up to! Thank you, Mom!

Edited a friend's paper, then went to my school to play background music with the rest of the Strings people. We had this great music pun back-and-forth through group text messaging on the way there! I started it off because I noticed a typo in the teacher's initial text, and then a friend of mine just took off with it:

Teacher: "See you at 1:30 in the strings room with Bsoqeu Strings shirt. Please be in time."
Me: "Yes, but should we be in tempo?"
Teacher: "It would be a good measure to do so."
Friend: "I don't know where my key is, though."
Teacher: "You will need to shift positions to find it."
Friend: "Found it. I'll make note of that for the future."
Teacher: "Glad your situation modulated in your favor."
Me: "It's so good to know smart people!"
Friend: "Indeed. All I had to do was turn, and viola! There it was."
Me: "It's like we're talking in some kind of coda."
Friend: "I'm taking a break now, but I'll be Bach."
Me: "Yo! Are you Haydn from us? It's 1:32!"

It was great! That's the abbreviated version, by the way; the full thing is so long, and quite tedious, but also funny. Hope you liked that! After that (and after we played for two hours), my Mom and I went to the UNM Library to find some books that I need for my research. I found the one I needed, and two more besides, so that was nice. Looking forward to reading those!

Came home and watched more Buffy before going out to dinner. I had a lovely breakfast sandwich and now am headed to bed. Have to get up early tomorrow so I can play for the Middle Schoolers with my strings class. They just don't give us a break!

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