October 5, 2013

Day 133

Got up early for Cross Country meet today. It was up in Santa Fe, so I did get a bit of shut-eye on the way there. I ran last, and the race didn't go as well as I'd hoped it would. For one thing, it was flat, and while that my sound like a good thing, it only served to remind me how much further I had to go! not my worst time ever, but on this course, it wasn't great.

Came back home and had a nice long shower, then had lunch. Went to see Gravity, but the friend with whom I was going to see it canceled on me. I was pretty let down that I couldn't see it with her , but we 'll see it together some other time. Came back home and watched The Emperor's New Groove, which I hadn't seen since I was like seven! It was still pretty funny and awesome, plus it had Patrick Warburton in it! Cool.

Tomorrow I play for a school event, and I intend to get some homework done too.

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