October 4, 2013

Day 132

So, this is my brainstorming map of my thesis topic and what I can explore within it. Needless to say, I'm no less overwhelmed than when I started, though it's nice to have everything down on paper.

Had English 12 first. We talked about this article we read for class, and it was a pretty interesting discussion. We looked at art and the objectifying of women and how that has or hasn't changed over time.  Pretty neat stuff here!

History was okay. We're now learning about the scientific revolution. The teacher assigned us one of four topics to do research on in groups of five or six. My group is doing philosophy. My group is also pretty prone to distractions, so it should prove an interesting process.

Had the rest of the day off, so I worked on some thesis research, and then for my free X-Block, I got together with my Phantom group in the Strings room and played through Phantom a couple of times with my teacher listening. The imput she had was actually really helpful in making the piece more flavorful, so that's great! After that, I talked with my thesis reader about how to narrow my topic. As you can see from above, there's so much to choose from!

Went to Cross Country for half an hour before zipping off to perform at a recital my Bach Partita in E excerpt! It went very well!

Came home and started researching Season Five of Buffy, because I was inspired by my conversation! I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy the show! Then I wrote a stream-of-consciousness thing on Buffy... kind of. I plan to write tomorrow about it too!

Going to sleep now so as to be properly active off my ridiculously early Cross Country meet tomorrow! 

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