October 3, 2013

Day 131

Had a pretty good day today. In Post, we started reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! It's really good so far! I love how it's written and the tone and the voice that it has. In Adv. English, we worked on revisions for our essays that we are to submit to online journals. I did mine early, so I spent most of the time working on thesis research. Pretty fun.

Had strings third. We worked on All-State audition excerpts for the first half of class, and so I worked on Phantom and the Bach Partita (two very different pieces, let me tell you!) STAM was rather tiring. I took a quiz, but was kinda lost on the whole thing. Then we messed around in Excel, which honestly wasn't that bad. Just frustrating to get started.

Cross Country was a bunch of evil interval work. Ugh. Violin lesson was great though! We talked about what we're playing in AYS, and my teacher was all supportive of it. We also discussed audition pieces for college auditions. I'm really loving the suggested Haydn violin concerto! It sounds so pretty, and I want to play it! Worked on the Bach in preparation for tomorrow's concert. I feel pretty prepared. Tomorrow I also have a practice with my Phantom of the Opera group. Should be fun!

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