October 2, 2013

Day 130

Pretty cool stuff here! Also, check out his Hobbit and Game of Thrones covers; he plays violin and does collaborations with his friends that are super cool!

Good day today! Had the History test! It was surprisingly easy. There was an extra-credit question that was literally "how do you spell my name?" It was great. And there were only seven short-answer questions and three paragraph-long questions, and those were pretty simple, so it was a good time!

Had Strings next. We worked on Palladio some more. It's coming together; we still slow down though. Also, on a related note, I glanced at the AYS conductor's weekly notes email for all the orchestra members telling us what we're playing next week. We get new music next week, and one of the pieces we're playing is Huapango! Like, the full orchestral version! That's so badass, especially since I've played an arrangement for strings orchestra and have always wanted to play the full orchestral version! So stoked for this, man! It's awesome.

Had English third. We did research, and the teacher was skeptical about my research for some reason even though its legitimate and my topic is good. I'm so glad she's not my reader; I prefer a fair and balanced perspective on good work, not a judgmental prick looking down her nose at me. Anyway, after that, I had STAM. We looked at the mean and its related material, and prepared for the quiz tomorrow. I was nervous, but then the teacher explained what the quiz would be (literally a problem) and that settled my nerves.

Cross Country was fun today. It was an easy day, so we did a short loop and came back. After that, I texted my friend to see if she wanted to see Gravity on Saturday. It took a lot of convincing because that type of movie scares her, but I managed to rope her into it! Yay! And she's excited about it on her own despite being scared; it's not like I bribed her or anything.

Practiced the violin for tomorrow's lesson. Two more days until I have to perform this Bach Partita! Pretty nervous, but excited too.

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