October 1, 2013

Day 129

Okay, I'm really tired. I actually forgot it was Tuesday until I got home and realized that Agents of SHIELD was tonight, so yeah... I'm really out of it. Started the day off with STAM. We learned a great trick with our calculators whereby we can find everything we need to find about sets of data in our calculators! How awesome is that?!

Did some thesis research, and then I had a college visit. Willamette was visiting today, and despite knowing everything about them (it's my first choice school), I still went. The discussion was pretty good; I got some audition questions answered, and the rep was very nice. Then I came in late to Post US History (the college meeting went over into the block). We had Hiroshima survivors come in and talk to us about the bomb and about their experience and just growing up in post WWII Japan. Fascinating stuff!

Then I went to see University of Portland. I was the only one there (sadly), so the rep and I kind of had a mock interview thing going on. We talked about logistics and how I would pursue what I wanted to study at UP, and it was a fun discussion. I can't imagine what he would have done had I not shown up... probably would have left and been kinda sad. I felt bad for him, but hey, it was neat for me!

Advanced English was pretty fun. We listened to the teacher read his rough draft of his essay so that we might gain a better understanding of what he looks for in editing and what we might take out of his essay to make it more on-point or shorter. It was a good essay (obviously), and I liked his approach to editing; it's similar to my English 12 teacher's approach.

Strings was last. We worked on this crazy rhythm piece and talked about Sunday. It's our school's visit day, so we have to play. After that, I studied for that damn Modern History test tomorrow! Good God, I'm freaking out about that! Cross Country was hard! We did intervals and core workout. Ugh. So tired.

Composition tutoring is getting crazy! Learning about modes and modulations and inversions and it's insane, man! I feel so overwhelmed with all this information. I'm getting much better at playing piano though, so that's fun. Came home and watched Agents! Oh my God! They actually did it! In the second episode, and if you've seen the show, you know what I'm talking about! I was thoroughly impressed with that! It's so cool!

Off to bed. Wish me luck on my History test tomorrow!

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