September 2, 2013

Day 100

Seems appropriate! 265 more days to go (dear god!)

Happy Labor Day! Lazy day today, as all I did was finish getting caught up on Newsroom (it's soooo gooood!) and read more of The Prince. I made some more edits to my concerto, and then tried to find a notebook full of staff paper, but of course I couldn't; guess I'm going to have to go to Mr. Mauldin tomorrow and tell him that despite having a full week as well as an extended weekend, I could still somehow not find time before Monday night to look for something which I know I have, but is of course now missing. Had AYS rehearsal tonight. I'm still loving it, though the conductor is less than pleased that we are apparently not as confident as he would like. Constant vigilance! Be bold! Now off to bed so that I can get a good night's sleep for school tomorrow! Yay!

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