September 1, 2013

Day 99

Yeah. This is a snake! A snake is what that is! Found this on Tumblr!

Got up pretty late this morning. Spent the majority of my day rehearsing Phantom with my friends. We didn't do as well today as we did two weeks ago. Our tempo was really messed up. I personally think it was an off-day, but we all agreed that we would go home and practice the song with our metronomes, because we have to lock this in! It's kinda worrying, but I'm okay with it for now.

Worked a little more on my concerto. Tried transposing it into D Major from the original E-flat, and while that may sound great in theory for a violinist, it actually is easier to play in E-flat because you have less string changes and more comfortable positions! Interesting test! Did not expect those results. Just goes to show that maybe we shouldn't be shunning the evil flat keys after all.

Now getting ready to go to bed. Still pretty whipped from yesterday with the luminaria bag folding! My god, my hands are cramping. Okay, I'm off the computer. Goodnight, everyone!

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