September 30, 2013

Day 128

So, Aaron tried on my glasses today! This is him when he had his eyes open for all of a second before squeezing them shut because my prescription's so bad!

Had a pretty good day today! STAM was pretty cool. Learned about the mean a little more. History was fun too; we had a worksheet that we filled out that was basically an overview of the layout of the test with some basic questions on it, and our substitute was awesome! The actual teacher was on a judicial committee retreat, along with a majority of my class, so today in general felt very hollow. During the History class, I had to leave to sit in on a college visit to my school. It was an interesting experience; nothing that I hadn't gone through last year (they did these last year too, and as Juniors we could go), but it was still neat.

After lunch, we had English. One of the science teachers came in and gave this high-energy awesome presentation of how to do scientific research and plan a thesis paper. It was a pretty cool presentation, and I liked that he used huge lego blocks and stuff to illustrate his points. Strings came next and we worked on Palladio and our Handel string orchestra piece.

Then came the second college visit. This one was actually pretty cool, because I had not heard from the school last year, so this was some new information. Then I had an interview with the rep at the end of class. That went actually really well; it was like a conversation, and I talked about myself and my interests (I did even mention this blog, so hey, if you're reading this, hello!) Overall, it was an interesting experience, and I liked the rep too!

Cross country was okay today, I guess. We went off campus, and thankfully this week our coach did not drive the bus into the sand. Long workout, but easy. Came back to school in time for my mom to pick me up to grab a quick bite to eat before heading back to the school for a tri-school college symposium. This was actually really fun. We were split off into different groups, and the seniors had Interview 101 (coming a little late for me, as I had already had my interview today). It was very fun, and not too awkward! The mini college fair at the end was a blast too. Now very tired, and a little worried about our federal government, but other than that, I had a pretty good day!

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