September 27, 2013

Day 125

So, this showed up on my bed when I got home from seeing Prisoners! It's so soft!!!

Had STAM first today. We worked on this ridiculous packet that just never ends! It's so long. Anyway, my friend and I got about half way through it before class was over, and that was with the full block day that we had today!

Post came next. Talked about the Beat movement and the development of the hippies. It was actually kind of a depressing class, because this all revolves around drugs and drinking, and then we talked about the '50's mental health care system, and that just made me really depressed.

But then Advanced English came along, and that was pretty fun! We edited out Journey essays, and it was neat. I like reading my piers' writing. Plus, we are all going to submit one of our essays so far to these online journals next week! Looking forward to that!

Strings was last. We worked on our music, then the teacher gave us time to work on All State stuff. During that time, I worked on my concerto and a little bit of Phantom, and then left. Cross Country was a short practice today, because we have a meet tomorrow. I don't, though, because I'll be at the dress rehearsal for the AYS concert on Sunday.

Saw Prisoners tonight! Oh my God, this movie just made me so depressed and had me on the edge of my seat and had me grossed out all at the same time! I don't think I've experienced this much suspense in a good long time; it was so good! Freaking sick, but good!

Have to get to bed now. Rehearsal begins a 9:00AM tomorrow (ugh). Night all!

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