September 26, 2013

Day 124

Finally have Breakdown (left)! This completes my main Decepticons! Yay. Now I just need Unicron, Tailgate, and Nemesis Prime, and I'll have all teh show-based characters! Also got some Dr.Wu add-on weapons for Arcee (right)! Sweet!

Cool day today! Learned about the Spanish Armada in Modern History today. What I loved about this was that this was almost exactly what George RR Martin did in A Clash of Kings with the Battle of Blackwater Bay, and it's pretty clear where he got his inspiration! The Spanish Armada advance was really cool to learn about, and my friend and I were like "aw, sweet! Do they raise a chain?!" It was pretty awesome!

In English, we worked on research for our Senior Theses. I found a lot of good stuff, and my Works Cited/Consulted document is growing quickly! I had the rest of the day free, so I just worked on this for the rest of the day.

Cross Country was pretty fun (surprisingly, since it was an interval day). We paired off, one slow person with a fast person, and we ran the Bosque loop, but started off in different directions so that when we met somewhere in the middle, we would turn around and go back the way we had come. It was pretty fun.

Had violin lesson tonight. It was okay. Worked on the Bach some more. I'm really liking it, but it's so hard! I can't imagine playing this up to speed. Talked to my teacher a little about my experiences with composition tutoring. She loves that I'm doing this, and we had a fun chat!

Came home and the two beauties pictured above were waiting for me. What I liked about these was that the Breakdown figure was loose, and that meant that the guy who had owned it previously had already applied all the stickers! Great. I hate applying stickers, and with the heat here in New Mexico, they never stick. I like that they were already applied when I opened him up, and their actually straight! That's another thing that I'm not good at: I have a hell of a time lining up all the edges of the stupid stickers to match the lines of the figures! Super happy about this. The Arcee weapons kit is pretty cool! Haven't turned her into bike mode yet, but I'm told that the weapons can store on her there as well! Cool! Super happy I got these, and they didn't cost me an arm and a leg! Great!

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