September 25, 2013

Day 123

Half way through this jam-packed week! Ugh, I'm already super tired; good God, how will I get through. Well, I'm sure I will. Anyway, the plumbing works still (thank God), so that's nice. Had Strings and then a meeting with my Mom and the college guidance person about my final college list and my likelihood of making it into any of the schools that I've applied to. I and my college guidance person both feel that I am pretty likely in most cases, and my Mom needed little convincing after she heard it from both of us (apparently me telling her over and over was not enough).

Took a STAM test today. It was surprisingly easy, not just for me but for everyone. It's nice that I am not alone in my victory dance! Yay. Had Advanced English after lunch, and we had to bring a text that had some type of journey in it. I brought A Clash of Kings, and read aloud the beginnings of the Battle of Blackwater Bay from Davos' chapter. It was really cool! Then we were asked to write our own journey story, and being in the George RR Martin zone, I wrote an eight-page thing about going from school to home to the airport to catch a plane. Yeah, it's kinda tedious, but I like it. I have a feeling about half of it is going to get cut when we peer-edit.

Post was fun today! We watched Leave it to Beaver and it was so corny, yet funny both intentionally and unintentionally. I just love how cute the kid is! So great! Cross Country was... well, kinda nothing today. Apparently, it was such an easy day that like half the team didn't show up and those of us that did did a half-mile run and then stretch and then leave. I was there for literally half an hour, and then it was done. Admittedly a nice break from yesterday.

Came home, practiced the violin, watched some Prime, and am now heading to bed. See y'all tomorrow!

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