September 23, 2013

Day 121

Ugh. Mondays. Can we just have a day, like one day of just inactivity. I mean, school's great and all, but on a Monday?! Really?! I guess we already have two days of inactivity; they're called the weakend.

Had Adv. Eng. first. This was actually a fun class, because we read this story about a boy on this train and he met this girl, kinda Harry Potter-like, right, and it was a great story. Really well written.

In strings, the teacher didn't show up, so we just talked the whole time. I edited a friend's paper and then had Sind lunch. STAM was easy enough. We're preparing for our first test in there on Wednesday (so glad the teacher moved it; it was originally going to be tomorrow), and we did an overview of notes and stuff. It was okay.

Had US History last. Finished watching Blackboard Jungle and I liked it. We have a paper due on the film next Tiesday, so I look forward to writing that. Then we sat around and came up with the most ridiculous situations for our class imaginable! Illegal cock fights?! WTF?! Anyway, that was great.

Cross Country was the thing that just killed my day. We had a long tempo run, and my ankles were hurting super badly today, which never happens, so it was very uncomfortable. The run itself was nice though. But then the bus that we were on (we leave campus to go to another school on Mondays), it got stuck in thiis sand and we had to wait almost an hour up get a ride back to school. This made me late for AYS practice and made me and my mom really upset.

Luckily, I missed very little in AYS. Turns out that a friend of mind had to give a presentation, so by the time I got there, they were only just starting. Rehearsal was good. I feel prepared for our dress rehearsal on Saturday.

Got home and emailed myself my concerto to print out tomorrow at school. Really tired; I'm going to bed. Goodnight, everybody.

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