September 22, 2013

Day 120

Kinda blurry, but hey it works! Here's our little group of people! Kind of a band, mostly just a group of friends who wanted to put together Lindsey Stirling's Phantom of the Opera Medley!

Pretty good day today. Edited my Advanced English paper for tomorrow, cleaned the house in preparation for my friends, and practiced the violin. The rehearsal went okay. We're definitely sounding better than when we started, but we have a lot of trouble staying together. Mostly it's me; I tend to rush things, but then the guitarist tends to rush too, but not at the same time... yeah, we have some work to do. Anyway, that went well, and I'm glad we got a picture!

After that, I sent off some emails, edited some music, practiced the violin some more, and then baked some bread! This bread is great; it's all soft and buttery and yummy! I like it. Went to Flying Star and had a breakfast sandwich, and for dessert had bread pudding (because my carbs quota had not been reached yet, what with me having baked and eaten a good helping of bread beforehand!) So that was fun.

Came home and my Mom and I sat down and worked on college stuff. I have to fill out this final college list form, so we were looking up all these due dates for stuff. So complicated! Ugh. Now I'm listening to badass music; might go to bed soon. Night, all.

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