September 21, 2013

Day 119

Yeah... this just kinda made my day!

Got up early to run run run! My race actually didn't happen until 11, but I came to support the rest of the team, and it was nice to see everyone. I ran a 28:48 for my 5K! That's really good for me, and I was super happy!

Went to see my senior photos afterwards. I look damn sharp in these! They know how to photograph people, and they look fantastic. We picked our favorites and decided how many we should get before the person showing us the photos told us that we could get them all electronically along with the copyrights, so that's what we decided on, which is super cool!

Went to the Frontier for dinner, and then went to see the New Mexico Philharmonic perform a night of John Williams music! The Superman and Star Wars themes were the best in my opinion, and the Indiana Jones encore was kick-ass! It was a great time, and I just laughed and was in awe and cried a little and just had an amazing time. They played Jaws, man! It's awesome!

Pretty whipped; see y'all tomorrow!

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