September 20, 2013

Day 118

Yeah... this is pretty much my school in a nutshell!

Friday! Thank God! Learned about Henry VIII today in Modern History and glossed over the War of the Roses (because, really, who wants to spend their days sorting that mess out?!) It was pretty fun! It's like a real life Ice and Fire story!

Had English 12 next. Worked on my paper and then had lunch. I audited my 10th grade English class for a little bit because I was bored, and then worked on my paper some more.

Cross Country was pretty mellow today; we just played a game and that was it. After that, I went to our Fall Fiesta! This was really fun! I always like going to these. It's like our pre-Homecoming thing! It's pretty fun. Now very tired, and I have to run tomorrow.

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