September 19, 2013

Day 117

So, this is a pretty normal day at my school!

Okay day today. Had Post first. We watched this '50s movie about rebellious teenagers and this teacher. It's really good! We finish it up next class!

Had Advanced English. We edited each other's papers and did some grammar stuff. My reader was really tired, so she didn't do a particularly good job. I asked another friend of mine for her edits, so we'll see if she gets back to me on that!

Had STAM last. Worked in Excel for the majority of the time, and I even completed the homework! Yay. Cross Country was tough, especially since I have a million bug bites all of which are so it irritated, it sucks! Did intervals, and then headed over to my violin lesson. Worked more on the Bach Partita No. 3, then came home and spiced up my concerto!

Tomorrow we have English 12! Yay!!! And Modern History! Sweet!

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