September 18, 2013

Day 116

He's kinda weird...

Great day today! Got iOS7, and it looks pretty slick! Not too happy with the keyboard, as it isn't bold anymore, so it's a little hard to read, but otherwise, the new system is pretty cool.

Had Modern History today! Learned about the separation of the Catholic church and the Lutherans and Luther and a large chunk of the Reformation! Getting to Henry VIII next class! This class was awesome!

English 12 was really cool! The teacher took us through her ideas about drafting and editing, and it just blew my mind! Then we practiced it with each other's papers, and it was pretty awesome! I can't wait to get to editing my own essay!

STAM was fun. Learned more about DOT PLOTS :) and my friend from above there downloaded the update for his phone, so now we're both just like "wow! This is great, man!"

Super fun day today; can't wait for tomorrow!

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