September 14, 2013

Day 112

Yeah, I saw it!

Got up early today to go take my senior photos! The lady was really nice and we were there for almost two hours photographing me in three different outfits, with my violin, a quizzical eyebrow, and had a pretty fun time! Went to the comic book store and picked up my weekly haul, then came home. I learned that the Prime movie had been leaked, and after some digging, found a copy.

I'm going to say up front right now that I am not going to review this thing, at least not until the Hub airs it here in the States. There're rumors that the one leaked is not the full version, that the Hub will air an extended version, so who knows, but for right now, I'm not reviewing this, and I consider the ending of the show to be the series finale ("Deadlock"). That said, Megatron looks AWESOME in this movie!

Anyway, went to see The Family tonight! It was pretty funny. I've heard a lot of negative things about it, but I gotta say that it really made me laugh and the mood changes somehow worked for me. The complete ridiculousness of the situation probably helped with that! Saw a trailer for Captain Phillips which looks pretty interesting. A great day today! Unfortunately, the Phantom rehearsal is being pushed back to next Sunday, because no one can make it tomorrow. This is kind of okay though, because it'll free up some time in my schedule to get some essays written and some college stuff filled out. Should be loads of fun (not)!

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