September 13, 2013

Day 111

Raining like a boss!

Friday! Yay! Had to get a shot in my arm this morning, so that made me late for school, but not as late as I thought if be, so that was nice. Had STAM first. Got to make up the quiz in there that I missed because of the shot thing, so that was good! Completed both homeworks, too!

Post was next. Apparently on Wednesday, the class started watching Invasion of the Body snatchers, and we finished that today! I loved seeing it again, even if it was the last half of it.

Had Adv. Eng. next, and we did this comma-use exercise that was really fun! I wrote a sword fight in the rain! Great class overall.

Went to Starbucks for half of strings today, then came back and got parts for Palladio! Cool! A couple of us have already played it, but we're all thrilled to be playing it again. Did a run-through of it and it went pretty well!

Cross Country was hard, but after that, I went to a discussion thing that my school has every month or so held on Fridays in which we discuss different topics. Today, we discussed how other countries view gay relationships and marriage. Fascinating stuff. Of course, being a discussion with teenagers, we kind of steered away from the topic very quickly and discussed gossip and teenage-y things, but it was still really fun. Looking forward to more of these!

Had dinner at Applebee's, came home and knocked out both Senior Thesis pieces due for the next two weeks, and got a good chunk of the Common App filled out! Yay me! Now really tired and headed to bed. Tomorrow I have senior photos! Woot!

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