September 12, 2013

Day 110

New glasses!!!

So, stuff's been going on today! Voyager left our solar system! That's awesome, man! Like, we are now exploring beyond our freaking solar system! Also, Harry Potter is getting another movie. I am so skeptical of how this is a good thing. The movies aren't that great, in my opinion, and the seventh book sucked, so I don't know. But, JK Rowling is writing it, and maybe this will be her attempt to fix what a dreadful mess the seventh book was, so there may indeed be hope!

Because my ego is like up here right now, let's move away from all of the exciting new stuff that's been going on and talk about what I did today. Oh, BTW, these posts average like 3 views each, so I hope that that opening there increases views. Anyway, I had a great day today. Learned a little about the Reformation in Modern History, got a paper assigned for next Wednesday in English 12, and then had an hour-long meeting with my outside reader. This was actually really fun, because he and I get along so well anyway that talking to him is like so comfortable for me. We talked about Buffy, and then talked about movies, and then kind of came back to Buffy in the end (I'm doing my thesis on gender roles and femininity and masculinity in Buffy), and it was a good conversation.

It rained a lot today! It was great. Cross Country was an easy day today. Did a nice quick jog, and then core workout stuff. Not my cup o' tea, but what the hell. I feel like I'm getting stronger, so that's what counts. Went to violin today and then went to get new glasses! These things are weird to me. Like, my far-sight is much improved, which is great, but then it looks like I'm looking at everything through a telescope, and the stuff up close to my face is kinda blurry... I don't know, I'll get used to it. It's just weird. I'm glad I got new glasses, though!

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