September 11, 2013

Day 109

She's kind of insane, this one!

So, it's 9/11. I don't really remember much about it (I was really just in Kindergarden when it happened), I think that it's important to mourn for those who lost their lives, certainly, but but I also think its important to recognize courage in those who got people out of the buildings, to those who arrived on scene to help, and to those who we attacked in retaliation who turned, as it turned out, had nothing to do with the attack. Not trying to be cynical, just offering up a more balanced perspective.

The Strings retreat was pretty fun today! Practiced my concerto all morning while the rest of my class worked on All-State stuff, and then we all worked as a group on school music. I've found that my concerto is pretty difficult in this one spot, and I might just change that to make it easier to play. Returned to school and did some homework, then came home and practiced the violin some more for my lesson tomorrow (oy!) Overall, a pretty good day, despite it being a depressing day for the nation.

Tomorrow, I meet with my outside Senior Thesis reader!

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