September 9, 2013

Day 107

Mr. Gordon conducts the Albuquerque Youth Symphony in the Kol Nidre for Cello and Orchestra!

Ugh. It's Monday. Today was just one of those days where everyone was just so tired and down, and I was kind of energetic in the beginning, probably because we had Adv. Eng. first block, and that was exciting. Strings came next followed by STAM, and then Post finished off the day. None of these classes were bad, but the whole day just felt like a long snake who's too tired and lazy to slither up to the fire, so he just kind of sits there and dies... man, what a weird analogy.

Anyway, Cross Country was pretty brutal. We had intervals! My legs as so sore!!! Luckily, AYS was next to finish off my day, and that was really fun. Came home, looked up some info on college app deadlines, and am now going to bed. Goodnight everyone.

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