September 8, 2013

Day 106

This is a great video about how to think about dynamics and balance in orchestra! It's very good and makes you look at composing in a different, interesting way!

Great day up in Santa Fe today! Went to the dress rehearsal of the Santa Fe Symphony. It was great; the violin soloist was amazing. She played these great interpretations of these concertos and capriccios that were just stunning! The pianist who soloed was great too! He was so awesome that he kept checking his phone when the orchestra was playing long stretches in between his solo bits! It was pretty funny. The conductor was a guest conductor, and I liked watching him. Apparently, my private teacher, along with my school teacher, both of whom are in the symphony, did not like him though. Had lunch with my school teacher and another Bosque student and their parents! It was a great lunch, and we had a nifty conversation about music and Twilight, and orchestras, and jobs, etc.

Returned home and completed my Senior Reflections for Naviance for College Seminar. Edited my violin concerto (it's basically finished!), and then went out to Flying Star with my Mom! I have Adv. Eng. tomorrow! Super excited about that, and Post should be fun too!

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