September 6, 2013

Day 104

50 Lindsey Stirling songs! Here's to another 50!

Had a blast today! Had English 12 first. We analyzed Persepolis a little and then the teacher gave back blue books with our essays in them. I got an 85. A lot of people got in the 80's, so I feel pretty good.

Had history next. The in-class essay was really fun to write! I constructed it like a couple of journal entries of this lord of a province who then conquered this other nation but then died. It really made me appreciate The Prince even more once I was done with the paper!

Had free the rest of the afternoon! I was pretty bored in all honesty, but I did realize that later in the year when we have English and History off due to Thesis Defenses, I have Days4 and 8 in my schedule off completely! How awesometacular is that?!?!?!?! I told one if my teachers and she gave me the greatest glare of envy ever! I'd've taken a picture, but I think she may have killed me after that!

Cross Country was pretty cool today! We played a game where you are on teams of five or six and you run this course while passing a tennis ball between all of you! It was exhausting, but cool!

Better get some sleep. Cross country meet tomorrow! Running at 8:00 AM. Ugh.

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