September 4, 2013

Day 102

It's Wednesday! Had Post first block today. We talked about the rise of the American teenager, and watched Red Nightmare, which was oh-so-50s!

Had Adv. Eng. next, and we worked on punctuation technique and manipulation. We did a focus 20-minute writing session on two books that we've read, one for school and one by choice, and that was cool. This is the prompt for the next essay that we're going to be writing. I wrote about The Book Thief and The Things They Carried and how they related to each other! It was neat.

Strings was third. Got a new piece today! It's like a western hoedown-ish type of piece with neat rhythm and counterpoint! IRS fun! Then I had STAM last. We worked on creating histograms in Excel, but my and my friend's computers were Macs, so we didn't have all the stuff that we needed on our versions of Excel to creat one. Kinda sucks, but I did learn how to graph them by hand.

Easy day in cross country today so as to give our beaten bodies a break from yesterday's hell storm of a workout! It was a nice run, and aside from oneSophomore body-slamming a tree after swinging from a rope, all went well! (Seriously, that's like the most action you're gonna get out of my day!)

No school tomorrow! I might read more of A Storm of Swords, and then hit the hay. Night all!

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