September 3, 2013

Day 101

Yeah... y'know, I really hope this is the Bay-verse going "yeah, we might as well make a movie out of our being panned by critics and whiplashed and bludgeoned by fans."

It's the 101st day! It's a prime number! That's cool. Had Modern History first today, in which we discussed more of The Prince, and then looked at art for the rest of class. Following that was English 12, in which we finished looking at the history of Iran for our understanding of Persepolis, and I found this surprisingly interesting. I always like real-world contexts for works like this. 

Strings was third block. We played through the Handel piece again, and we discussed what we're going to be doing on the retreat that we take every year. College Seminar was next, involving going over all of the due dates for final college list submissions, teacher rec letters, and filling out Senior Reflections on Naviance. So many crazy things!!! I'm pretty nervous, not gonna lie.

STAM was last. It was pretty cool, though we mostly just went over stuff we already learned. Cross Country was brutal! We did hideous intervals, and I'm soooo tired!!! Had composition tutoring after, and that was nice. Learned all of the finger patterns for the piano, and then my tutor and I went over my violin concerto a little bit. It's coming together, and I'm super excited!

Now I have to practice the violin for Thursday and print out my Adv. Eng. paper for tomorrow. See you all tomorrow!

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