September 30, 2013

Day 128

So, Aaron tried on my glasses today! This is him when he had his eyes open for all of a second before squeezing them shut because my prescription's so bad!

Had a pretty good day today! STAM was pretty cool. Learned about the mean a little more. History was fun too; we had a worksheet that we filled out that was basically an overview of the layout of the test with some basic questions on it, and our substitute was awesome! The actual teacher was on a judicial committee retreat, along with a majority of my class, so today in general felt very hollow. During the History class, I had to leave to sit in on a college visit to my school. It was an interesting experience; nothing that I hadn't gone through last year (they did these last year too, and as Juniors we could go), but it was still neat.

After lunch, we had English. One of the science teachers came in and gave this high-energy awesome presentation of how to do scientific research and plan a thesis paper. It was a pretty cool presentation, and I liked that he used huge lego blocks and stuff to illustrate his points. Strings came next and we worked on Palladio and our Handel string orchestra piece.

Then came the second college visit. This one was actually pretty cool, because I had not heard from the school last year, so this was some new information. Then I had an interview with the rep at the end of class. That went actually really well; it was like a conversation, and I talked about myself and my interests (I did even mention this blog, so hey, if you're reading this, hello!) Overall, it was an interesting experience, and I liked the rep too!

Cross country was okay today, I guess. We went off campus, and thankfully this week our coach did not drive the bus into the sand. Long workout, but easy. Came back to school in time for my mom to pick me up to grab a quick bite to eat before heading back to the school for a tri-school college symposium. This was actually really fun. We were split off into different groups, and the seniors had Interview 101 (coming a little late for me, as I had already had my interview today). It was very fun, and not too awkward! The mini college fair at the end was a blast too. Now very tired, and a little worried about our federal government, but other than that, I had a pretty good day!

September 29, 2013

Day 127

Today was great! Woke up and did all the homework that was left over from yesterday... so, I guess I should rephrase that: work up today and did my homework! This math packet was actually pretty easy; I only had a page left from when I started it in class, so that was nice! Edited my English paper a little and then did some thesis research. Fun stuff!

Then came the big event (which I sadly don't have a picture for... sorry): the AYS concert! The concert itself went very well. Everyone was on top of what they were supposed to be doing, and we stayed together for the most part. I did not do as well as I might have just personally. I was late on a few entrances and we all had trouble with the standing and sitting down portion of the event (when the conductor comes out on stage and stuff like that). Other than that, though, it was really good!

Had dinner with Aaron and his family. They came out to see the show which was nice of them. Came home and did more thesis research, and got everything ready for school tomorrow. Tomorrow's a long day, even though I don't have AYS rehearsal (that's like our reward for today!)

September 28, 2013

Day 126

This is one of the few things that I find funny on the new show!

Got up early for AYS rehearsal today! It was actually really fun! We sound so much more powerful in the auditorium than we do in our deadened sound room, and I cannot wait for the concert tomorrow.

Then, my Mom and I went to the Honda dealership that is, for some reason, located thirty minutes away from civilization here in Albuquerque to get our car checked on. It was just a normal checkup with the bonus of getting one of the clip things for the window visor replaced, since my Mom broke the last one. Came home and made my first ten calls out to customers for AYS's big luminaria fundraiser. I was very nervous, but the people on the other end of the line were all pretty nice, and apparently I sound very professional... must get that from my Mom.

Edited my Advanced English paper today. I have a few ideas for my next couple of reviews, though I have no idea when I'll be able to write them and post them (not that I edit the ones that I do post, but I do still try to maintain a semblance of proper etiquette and grammar). I have so much work what with folding luminaria bags, calling people for the luminaria bags, college, and schoolwork. Pretty insane. Anyway, big day tomorrow! Better get to bed.

September 27, 2013

Day 125

So, this showed up on my bed when I got home from seeing Prisoners! It's so soft!!!

Had STAM first today. We worked on this ridiculous packet that just never ends! It's so long. Anyway, my friend and I got about half way through it before class was over, and that was with the full block day that we had today!

Post came next. Talked about the Beat movement and the development of the hippies. It was actually kind of a depressing class, because this all revolves around drugs and drinking, and then we talked about the '50's mental health care system, and that just made me really depressed.

But then Advanced English came along, and that was pretty fun! We edited out Journey essays, and it was neat. I like reading my piers' writing. Plus, we are all going to submit one of our essays so far to these online journals next week! Looking forward to that!

Strings was last. We worked on our music, then the teacher gave us time to work on All State stuff. During that time, I worked on my concerto and a little bit of Phantom, and then left. Cross Country was a short practice today, because we have a meet tomorrow. I don't, though, because I'll be at the dress rehearsal for the AYS concert on Sunday.

Saw Prisoners tonight! Oh my God, this movie just made me so depressed and had me on the edge of my seat and had me grossed out all at the same time! I don't think I've experienced this much suspense in a good long time; it was so good! Freaking sick, but good!

Have to get to bed now. Rehearsal begins a 9:00AM tomorrow (ugh). Night all!

September 26, 2013

Day 124

Finally have Breakdown (left)! This completes my main Decepticons! Yay. Now I just need Unicron, Tailgate, and Nemesis Prime, and I'll have all teh show-based characters! Also got some Dr.Wu add-on weapons for Arcee (right)! Sweet!

Cool day today! Learned about the Spanish Armada in Modern History today. What I loved about this was that this was almost exactly what George RR Martin did in A Clash of Kings with the Battle of Blackwater Bay, and it's pretty clear where he got his inspiration! The Spanish Armada advance was really cool to learn about, and my friend and I were like "aw, sweet! Do they raise a chain?!" It was pretty awesome!

In English, we worked on research for our Senior Theses. I found a lot of good stuff, and my Works Cited/Consulted document is growing quickly! I had the rest of the day free, so I just worked on this for the rest of the day.

Cross Country was pretty fun (surprisingly, since it was an interval day). We paired off, one slow person with a fast person, and we ran the Bosque loop, but started off in different directions so that when we met somewhere in the middle, we would turn around and go back the way we had come. It was pretty fun.

Had violin lesson tonight. It was okay. Worked on the Bach some more. I'm really liking it, but it's so hard! I can't imagine playing this up to speed. Talked to my teacher a little about my experiences with composition tutoring. She loves that I'm doing this, and we had a fun chat!

Came home and the two beauties pictured above were waiting for me. What I liked about these was that the Breakdown figure was loose, and that meant that the guy who had owned it previously had already applied all the stickers! Great. I hate applying stickers, and with the heat here in New Mexico, they never stick. I like that they were already applied when I opened him up, and their actually straight! That's another thing that I'm not good at: I have a hell of a time lining up all the edges of the stupid stickers to match the lines of the figures! Super happy about this. The Arcee weapons kit is pretty cool! Haven't turned her into bike mode yet, but I'm told that the weapons can store on her there as well! Cool! Super happy I got these, and they didn't cost me an arm and a leg! Great!

September 25, 2013

Day 123

Half way through this jam-packed week! Ugh, I'm already super tired; good God, how will I get through. Well, I'm sure I will. Anyway, the plumbing works still (thank God), so that's nice. Had Strings and then a meeting with my Mom and the college guidance person about my final college list and my likelihood of making it into any of the schools that I've applied to. I and my college guidance person both feel that I am pretty likely in most cases, and my Mom needed little convincing after she heard it from both of us (apparently me telling her over and over was not enough).

Took a STAM test today. It was surprisingly easy, not just for me but for everyone. It's nice that I am not alone in my victory dance! Yay. Had Advanced English after lunch, and we had to bring a text that had some type of journey in it. I brought A Clash of Kings, and read aloud the beginnings of the Battle of Blackwater Bay from Davos' chapter. It was really cool! Then we were asked to write our own journey story, and being in the George RR Martin zone, I wrote an eight-page thing about going from school to home to the airport to catch a plane. Yeah, it's kinda tedious, but I like it. I have a feeling about half of it is going to get cut when we peer-edit.

Post was fun today! We watched Leave it to Beaver and it was so corny, yet funny both intentionally and unintentionally. I just love how cute the kid is! So great! Cross Country was... well, kinda nothing today. Apparently, it was such an easy day that like half the team didn't show up and those of us that did did a half-mile run and then stretch and then leave. I was there for literally half an hour, and then it was done. Admittedly a nice break from yesterday.

Came home, practiced the violin, watched some Prime, and am now heading to bed. See y'all tomorrow!

September 24, 2013

Day 122

It's so great!

Pretty good day today. Woke up and took a shower, but it turned out that both my toilet and sink were clogged, so that was a less than stellar way to wake up. Had to call the Rotor Rooter guys this evening to fix the plumbing. It's working fine now.

Had Strings and STAM first today. Both classes were fine, and in STAM we did more review for tomorrow's test. English 12 was okay too. We went over Senior Thesis stuff, and basically had an overview of quality sources. History was awesome! The teacher lectured about Elizabeth I of England, and that was pretty fun. We'll learn more about her next time.

Cross Country was tiring. We did grueling intervals, and after the fiasco of yesterday, I was less than pleased. Composition tutoring was fascinating today! Learned about modes and inversions. Really cool stuff! I saw Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. It was okay. Definitely not Whedon's best, but it is nice to see him working back in his element again! I like Clark Gregg, and the show's pilot does set up a whole lot of stuff, from the cast to the backstories to the season's big plot. Pretty awesome.

Tomorrow should be a good day. I have Adv. Eng. tomorrow, and US History too! Woot!

A Look at The Complete Persepolis

Shadowcon presents

An Opinionated Examination of What Worked and Did Not Work in The Complete Persepolis

Going to be taking a little bit of a left turn here and look at a book that has been on my mind of late. I read this for school, and having written the paper for it, I figured I’d spruce it up and make it into a regular review (because there’s just so much that I have to say about this book; it’s crazy). So, without further ado, let’s get started.

September 23, 2013

Day 121

Ugh. Mondays. Can we just have a day, like one day of just inactivity. I mean, school's great and all, but on a Monday?! Really?! I guess we already have two days of inactivity; they're called the weakend.

Had Adv. Eng. first. This was actually a fun class, because we read this story about a boy on this train and he met this girl, kinda Harry Potter-like, right, and it was a great story. Really well written.

In strings, the teacher didn't show up, so we just talked the whole time. I edited a friend's paper and then had Sind lunch. STAM was easy enough. We're preparing for our first test in there on Wednesday (so glad the teacher moved it; it was originally going to be tomorrow), and we did an overview of notes and stuff. It was okay.

Had US History last. Finished watching Blackboard Jungle and I liked it. We have a paper due on the film next Tiesday, so I look forward to writing that. Then we sat around and came up with the most ridiculous situations for our class imaginable! Illegal cock fights?! WTF?! Anyway, that was great.

Cross Country was the thing that just killed my day. We had a long tempo run, and my ankles were hurting super badly today, which never happens, so it was very uncomfortable. The run itself was nice though. But then the bus that we were on (we leave campus to go to another school on Mondays), it got stuck in thiis sand and we had to wait almost an hour up get a ride back to school. This made me late for AYS practice and made me and my mom really upset.

Luckily, I missed very little in AYS. Turns out that a friend of mind had to give a presentation, so by the time I got there, they were only just starting. Rehearsal was good. I feel prepared for our dress rehearsal on Saturday.

Got home and emailed myself my concerto to print out tomorrow at school. Really tired; I'm going to bed. Goodnight, everybody.

September 22, 2013

Day 120

Kinda blurry, but hey it works! Here's our little group of people! Kind of a band, mostly just a group of friends who wanted to put together Lindsey Stirling's Phantom of the Opera Medley!

Pretty good day today. Edited my Advanced English paper for tomorrow, cleaned the house in preparation for my friends, and practiced the violin. The rehearsal went okay. We're definitely sounding better than when we started, but we have a lot of trouble staying together. Mostly it's me; I tend to rush things, but then the guitarist tends to rush too, but not at the same time... yeah, we have some work to do. Anyway, that went well, and I'm glad we got a picture!

After that, I sent off some emails, edited some music, practiced the violin some more, and then baked some bread! This bread is great; it's all soft and buttery and yummy! I like it. Went to Flying Star and had a breakfast sandwich, and for dessert had bread pudding (because my carbs quota had not been reached yet, what with me having baked and eaten a good helping of bread beforehand!) So that was fun.

Came home and my Mom and I sat down and worked on college stuff. I have to fill out this final college list form, so we were looking up all these due dates for stuff. So complicated! Ugh. Now I'm listening to badass music; might go to bed soon. Night, all.

September 21, 2013

Day 119

Yeah... this just kinda made my day!

Got up early to run run run! My race actually didn't happen until 11, but I came to support the rest of the team, and it was nice to see everyone. I ran a 28:48 for my 5K! That's really good for me, and I was super happy!

Went to see my senior photos afterwards. I look damn sharp in these! They know how to photograph people, and they look fantastic. We picked our favorites and decided how many we should get before the person showing us the photos told us that we could get them all electronically along with the copyrights, so that's what we decided on, which is super cool!

Went to the Frontier for dinner, and then went to see the New Mexico Philharmonic perform a night of John Williams music! The Superman and Star Wars themes were the best in my opinion, and the Indiana Jones encore was kick-ass! It was a great time, and I just laughed and was in awe and cried a little and just had an amazing time. They played Jaws, man! It's awesome!

Pretty whipped; see y'all tomorrow!

September 20, 2013

Day 118

Yeah... this is pretty much my school in a nutshell!

Friday! Thank God! Learned about Henry VIII today in Modern History and glossed over the War of the Roses (because, really, who wants to spend their days sorting that mess out?!) It was pretty fun! It's like a real life Ice and Fire story!

Had English 12 next. Worked on my paper and then had lunch. I audited my 10th grade English class for a little bit because I was bored, and then worked on my paper some more.

Cross Country was pretty mellow today; we just played a game and that was it. After that, I went to our Fall Fiesta! This was really fun! I always like going to these. It's like our pre-Homecoming thing! It's pretty fun. Now very tired, and I have to run tomorrow.

September 19, 2013

Day 117

So, this is a pretty normal day at my school!

Okay day today. Had Post first. We watched this '50s movie about rebellious teenagers and this teacher. It's really good! We finish it up next class!

Had Advanced English. We edited each other's papers and did some grammar stuff. My reader was really tired, so she didn't do a particularly good job. I asked another friend of mine for her edits, so we'll see if she gets back to me on that!

Had STAM last. Worked in Excel for the majority of the time, and I even completed the homework! Yay. Cross Country was tough, especially since I have a million bug bites all of which are so it irritated, it sucks! Did intervals, and then headed over to my violin lesson. Worked more on the Bach Partita No. 3, then came home and spiced up my concerto!

Tomorrow we have English 12! Yay!!! And Modern History! Sweet!

September 18, 2013

Day 116

He's kinda weird...

Great day today! Got iOS7, and it looks pretty slick! Not too happy with the keyboard, as it isn't bold anymore, so it's a little hard to read, but otherwise, the new system is pretty cool.

Had Modern History today! Learned about the separation of the Catholic church and the Lutherans and Luther and a large chunk of the Reformation! Getting to Henry VIII next class! This class was awesome!

English 12 was really cool! The teacher took us through her ideas about drafting and editing, and it just blew my mind! Then we practiced it with each other's papers, and it was pretty awesome! I can't wait to get to editing my own essay!

STAM was fun. Learned more about DOT PLOTS :) and my friend from above there downloaded the update for his phone, so now we're both just like "wow! This is great, man!"

Super fun day today; can't wait for tomorrow!

September 17, 2013

Day 115

It's Tuesday, and I'm really tired, possibly due to the college parent student meeting that went until 9:00 tonight, or maybe due to the fact that I had to argue about how insulting and wrong it is to compare a self-respecting artist to Hitler, or maybe because I then had a whole argument with my English teacher about the ways in which I best function in a classroom! Anyway, I'm super angry and not feeling very good about myself today. Had a thirty minute composition tutoring lesson because of the college thing, and school today was just kinda bland and uninteresting. We did watch a lot of rock 'n' roll performances in Post today, so that was cool, and we learned about BOX PLPTS in STAM today, and that was interesting. Tomorrow should be a better day.

September 16, 2013

Day 114

Edited a paper for a friend. She was a little overwhelmed!

Good day today. Had STAM, Modern History, English 12, and strings. No cross country today; I was really stressed and swamped with homework, so I decided not to go. Had AYS today! Last rehearsal is next week and we're all pretty nervous! Our conductor seems particularly on edge. Tomorrow should be fun!

September 15, 2013

Day 113

Damn! This person can sketch!

Had an okay day today. Pretty much just did homework all day, went to Flying Star for dinner, and got ready for school tomorrow. Not much else to report; practiced the violin a lot today too. Kinda tired. Sorry for the short, uninteresting post today. This week's a full week of school! Yay!

September 14, 2013

Day 112

Yeah, I saw it!

Got up early today to go take my senior photos! The lady was really nice and we were there for almost two hours photographing me in three different outfits, with my violin, a quizzical eyebrow, and had a pretty fun time! Went to the comic book store and picked up my weekly haul, then came home. I learned that the Prime movie had been leaked, and after some digging, found a copy.

I'm going to say up front right now that I am not going to review this thing, at least not until the Hub airs it here in the States. There're rumors that the one leaked is not the full version, that the Hub will air an extended version, so who knows, but for right now, I'm not reviewing this, and I consider the ending of the show to be the series finale ("Deadlock"). That said, Megatron looks AWESOME in this movie!

Anyway, went to see The Family tonight! It was pretty funny. I've heard a lot of negative things about it, but I gotta say that it really made me laugh and the mood changes somehow worked for me. The complete ridiculousness of the situation probably helped with that! Saw a trailer for Captain Phillips which looks pretty interesting. A great day today! Unfortunately, the Phantom rehearsal is being pushed back to next Sunday, because no one can make it tomorrow. This is kind of okay though, because it'll free up some time in my schedule to get some essays written and some college stuff filled out. Should be loads of fun (not)!

September 13, 2013

Day 111

Raining like a boss!

Friday! Yay! Had to get a shot in my arm this morning, so that made me late for school, but not as late as I thought if be, so that was nice. Had STAM first. Got to make up the quiz in there that I missed because of the shot thing, so that was good! Completed both homeworks, too!

Post was next. Apparently on Wednesday, the class started watching Invasion of the Body snatchers, and we finished that today! I loved seeing it again, even if it was the last half of it.

Had Adv. Eng. next, and we did this comma-use exercise that was really fun! I wrote a sword fight in the rain! Great class overall.

Went to Starbucks for half of strings today, then came back and got parts for Palladio! Cool! A couple of us have already played it, but we're all thrilled to be playing it again. Did a run-through of it and it went pretty well!

Cross Country was hard, but after that, I went to a discussion thing that my school has every month or so held on Fridays in which we discuss different topics. Today, we discussed how other countries view gay relationships and marriage. Fascinating stuff. Of course, being a discussion with teenagers, we kind of steered away from the topic very quickly and discussed gossip and teenage-y things, but it was still really fun. Looking forward to more of these!

Had dinner at Applebee's, came home and knocked out both Senior Thesis pieces due for the next two weeks, and got a good chunk of the Common App filled out! Yay me! Now really tired and headed to bed. Tomorrow I have senior photos! Woot!

September 12, 2013

Day 110

New glasses!!!

So, stuff's been going on today! Voyager left our solar system! That's awesome, man! Like, we are now exploring beyond our freaking solar system! Also, Harry Potter is getting another movie. I am so skeptical of how this is a good thing. The movies aren't that great, in my opinion, and the seventh book sucked, so I don't know. But, JK Rowling is writing it, and maybe this will be her attempt to fix what a dreadful mess the seventh book was, so there may indeed be hope!

Because my ego is like up here right now, let's move away from all of the exciting new stuff that's been going on and talk about what I did today. Oh, BTW, these posts average like 3 views each, so I hope that that opening there increases views. Anyway, I had a great day today. Learned a little about the Reformation in Modern History, got a paper assigned for next Wednesday in English 12, and then had an hour-long meeting with my outside reader. This was actually really fun, because he and I get along so well anyway that talking to him is like so comfortable for me. We talked about Buffy, and then talked about movies, and then kind of came back to Buffy in the end (I'm doing my thesis on gender roles and femininity and masculinity in Buffy), and it was a good conversation.

It rained a lot today! It was great. Cross Country was an easy day today. Did a nice quick jog, and then core workout stuff. Not my cup o' tea, but what the hell. I feel like I'm getting stronger, so that's what counts. Went to violin today and then went to get new glasses! These things are weird to me. Like, my far-sight is much improved, which is great, but then it looks like I'm looking at everything through a telescope, and the stuff up close to my face is kinda blurry... I don't know, I'll get used to it. It's just weird. I'm glad I got new glasses, though!

September 11, 2013

Day 109

She's kind of insane, this one!

So, it's 9/11. I don't really remember much about it (I was really just in Kindergarden when it happened), I think that it's important to mourn for those who lost their lives, certainly, but but I also think its important to recognize courage in those who got people out of the buildings, to those who arrived on scene to help, and to those who we attacked in retaliation who turned, as it turned out, had nothing to do with the attack. Not trying to be cynical, just offering up a more balanced perspective.

The Strings retreat was pretty fun today! Practiced my concerto all morning while the rest of my class worked on All-State stuff, and then we all worked as a group on school music. I've found that my concerto is pretty difficult in this one spot, and I might just change that to make it easier to play. Returned to school and did some homework, then came home and practiced the violin some more for my lesson tomorrow (oy!) Overall, a pretty good day, despite it being a depressing day for the nation.

Tomorrow, I meet with my outside Senior Thesis reader!

September 10, 2013

Day 108

So, I tried my first Klondike Bar! I did not have to kill a man to get it, though!

Rainy day today. Didn't have school, because it was Parent/Advisor/Student meetings today, so we only had to go in for our fifteen-minute discussion and then leave. Wrote an essay, read some school stuff, surfed on Tumblr, and practiced the violin. Tomorrow is the Strings retreat! Looking forward to that.

September 9, 2013

Day 107

Mr. Gordon conducts the Albuquerque Youth Symphony in the Kol Nidre for Cello and Orchestra!

Ugh. It's Monday. Today was just one of those days where everyone was just so tired and down, and I was kind of energetic in the beginning, probably because we had Adv. Eng. first block, and that was exciting. Strings came next followed by STAM, and then Post finished off the day. None of these classes were bad, but the whole day just felt like a long snake who's too tired and lazy to slither up to the fire, so he just kind of sits there and dies... man, what a weird analogy.

Anyway, Cross Country was pretty brutal. We had intervals! My legs as so sore!!! Luckily, AYS was next to finish off my day, and that was really fun. Came home, looked up some info on college app deadlines, and am now going to bed. Goodnight everyone.

September 8, 2013

Day 106

This is a great video about how to think about dynamics and balance in orchestra! It's very good and makes you look at composing in a different, interesting way!

Great day up in Santa Fe today! Went to the dress rehearsal of the Santa Fe Symphony. It was great; the violin soloist was amazing. She played these great interpretations of these concertos and capriccios that were just stunning! The pianist who soloed was great too! He was so awesome that he kept checking his phone when the orchestra was playing long stretches in between his solo bits! It was pretty funny. The conductor was a guest conductor, and I liked watching him. Apparently, my private teacher, along with my school teacher, both of whom are in the symphony, did not like him though. Had lunch with my school teacher and another Bosque student and their parents! It was a great lunch, and we had a nifty conversation about music and Twilight, and orchestras, and jobs, etc.

Returned home and completed my Senior Reflections for Naviance for College Seminar. Edited my violin concerto (it's basically finished!), and then went out to Flying Star with my Mom! I have Adv. Eng. tomorrow! Super excited about that, and Post should be fun too!

September 7, 2013

Day 105

Went to this great benefit concert featuring Rachel Barton-Pine! It was bitchin'!

Ran a 5K today for the Cross Country meet! It was a really easy course, so it was fun instead of grueling. Got home at around 9:00 and spent the afternoon editing my concerto. The benefit concert was at 6, and it was great! It started out with the Piano Concerto in D Minor, and the soloist was this awesome 11-year old kid who was amazing! Then Barton-Pine came on and totally rocked out to this AC/DC medley she wrote! It was great! The Osborne Medley was fun too. I especially liked when the whole orchestra started playing Iron Man! Kick ass! Then she played the Brahms violin concerto. I must admit, I'm not a real big fan of the first movement, but the second and third were spectacular. Came home and watched the original Robocop, because the new one just had a trailer released and my Mom hadn't seen the old one... yes, my Mom hadn't seen the original Robocop. I... yeah, I don't know either. Anyway, great day today! Tomorrow, I go see the Santa Fe Symphony in their dress rehearsal! So many concerts; super stoked! 

September 6, 2013

Day 104

50 Lindsey Stirling songs! Here's to another 50!

Had a blast today! Had English 12 first. We analyzed Persepolis a little and then the teacher gave back blue books with our essays in them. I got an 85. A lot of people got in the 80's, so I feel pretty good.

Had history next. The in-class essay was really fun to write! I constructed it like a couple of journal entries of this lord of a province who then conquered this other nation but then died. It really made me appreciate The Prince even more once I was done with the paper!

Had free the rest of the afternoon! I was pretty bored in all honesty, but I did realize that later in the year when we have English and History off due to Thesis Defenses, I have Days4 and 8 in my schedule off completely! How awesometacular is that?!?!?!?! I told one if my teachers and she gave me the greatest glare of envy ever! I'd've taken a picture, but I think she may have killed me after that!

Cross Country was pretty cool today! We played a game where you are on teams of five or six and you run this course while passing a tennis ball between all of you! It was exhausting, but cool!

Better get some sleep. Cross country meet tomorrow! Running at 8:00 AM. Ugh.

September 5, 2013

Day 103

Found this great video done by Peter Hollens and featuring Lindsey Stirling!

No school today! Spent the day outlining my paper for tomorrow, and then imported my violin concerto from the Noteflight website into Sibelius, and mad some nifty layout and cosmetic changes that only Sibelius can do! It looks great now, and it's almost done. I want to play it in December, but that might be a bit of a stretch. Tomorrow is Friday, and then the weekend! I love my school! :)

September 4, 2013

Day 102

It's Wednesday! Had Post first block today. We talked about the rise of the American teenager, and watched Red Nightmare, which was oh-so-50s!

Had Adv. Eng. next, and we worked on punctuation technique and manipulation. We did a focus 20-minute writing session on two books that we've read, one for school and one by choice, and that was cool. This is the prompt for the next essay that we're going to be writing. I wrote about The Book Thief and The Things They Carried and how they related to each other! It was neat.

Strings was third. Got a new piece today! It's like a western hoedown-ish type of piece with neat rhythm and counterpoint! IRS fun! Then I had STAM last. We worked on creating histograms in Excel, but my and my friend's computers were Macs, so we didn't have all the stuff that we needed on our versions of Excel to creat one. Kinda sucks, but I did learn how to graph them by hand.

Easy day in cross country today so as to give our beaten bodies a break from yesterday's hell storm of a workout! It was a nice run, and aside from oneSophomore body-slamming a tree after swinging from a rope, all went well! (Seriously, that's like the most action you're gonna get out of my day!)

No school tomorrow! I might read more of A Storm of Swords, and then hit the hay. Night all!

September 3, 2013

Day 101

Yeah... y'know, I really hope this is the Bay-verse going "yeah, we might as well make a movie out of our being panned by critics and whiplashed and bludgeoned by fans."

It's the 101st day! It's a prime number! That's cool. Had Modern History first today, in which we discussed more of The Prince, and then looked at art for the rest of class. Following that was English 12, in which we finished looking at the history of Iran for our understanding of Persepolis, and I found this surprisingly interesting. I always like real-world contexts for works like this. 

Strings was third block. We played through the Handel piece again, and we discussed what we're going to be doing on the retreat that we take every year. College Seminar was next, involving going over all of the due dates for final college list submissions, teacher rec letters, and filling out Senior Reflections on Naviance. So many crazy things!!! I'm pretty nervous, not gonna lie.

STAM was last. It was pretty cool, though we mostly just went over stuff we already learned. Cross Country was brutal! We did hideous intervals, and I'm soooo tired!!! Had composition tutoring after, and that was nice. Learned all of the finger patterns for the piano, and then my tutor and I went over my violin concerto a little bit. It's coming together, and I'm super excited!

Now I have to practice the violin for Thursday and print out my Adv. Eng. paper for tomorrow. See you all tomorrow!

September 2, 2013

Day 100

Seems appropriate! 265 more days to go (dear god!)

Happy Labor Day! Lazy day today, as all I did was finish getting caught up on Newsroom (it's soooo gooood!) and read more of The Prince. I made some more edits to my concerto, and then tried to find a notebook full of staff paper, but of course I couldn't; guess I'm going to have to go to Mr. Mauldin tomorrow and tell him that despite having a full week as well as an extended weekend, I could still somehow not find time before Monday night to look for something which I know I have, but is of course now missing. Had AYS rehearsal tonight. I'm still loving it, though the conductor is less than pleased that we are apparently not as confident as he would like. Constant vigilance! Be bold! Now off to bed so that I can get a good night's sleep for school tomorrow! Yay!

September 1, 2013

Day 99

Yeah. This is a snake! A snake is what that is! Found this on Tumblr!

Got up pretty late this morning. Spent the majority of my day rehearsing Phantom with my friends. We didn't do as well today as we did two weeks ago. Our tempo was really messed up. I personally think it was an off-day, but we all agreed that we would go home and practice the song with our metronomes, because we have to lock this in! It's kinda worrying, but I'm okay with it for now.

Worked a little more on my concerto. Tried transposing it into D Major from the original E-flat, and while that may sound great in theory for a violinist, it actually is easier to play in E-flat because you have less string changes and more comfortable positions! Interesting test! Did not expect those results. Just goes to show that maybe we shouldn't be shunning the evil flat keys after all.

Now getting ready to go to bed. Still pretty whipped from yesterday with the luminaria bag folding! My god, my hands are cramping. Okay, I'm off the computer. Goodnight, everyone!