August 11, 2013

Days 71-78- (8/4-8/11)

This week was really relaxing, very fun, and made me forget about all the stress that awaits me back at home! I spent the majority of the week at my Granddad’s lake house in Idaho, which was lovely. The first couple of days were spent lounging around the house and dock, and I got a ton of writing done, thanks in no small part to the lack of internet connection! That’s also why I couldn’t blog daily; I’m actually blogging in a Word document now (hence the different look of everything) because even at my Aunt’s house, they don’t have Wi-Fi, and I didn’t want to get home at 11:00 PM and have to hash out a half-assed attempt at a recap.
Anyway, my Aunt and 2-year-old cousin came out to the lake every other day! My cousin is adorable! He’s like a little ball of energy that just keeps dispersing the cute factor, its awesome! I jumped off the dock into the water a couple times, and my cousin developed his own duck walk! We went into town to pick up a few things, my Granddad went to pick up his truck, and I had a really yummy breakfast lunch type meal at a nice diner restaurant.
We went on some lovely boat rides, I finished up A Clash of Kings (in record time; granted, I have only A Game of Thrones to measure against, and that took me like a year and a half to finish, but I take pride in what I can), and I made great headway on my short story. The last couple days were spent at my Aunt’s, with my cousin as entertainment all on his own!
I found out my schedule for this year’s school year. I have PreCalc, two English classes, two History classes, PE, and Serenata Strings class! Also, on a completely unrelated note to everything else that’s in this post, if you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll know that my “Darkness Rising, Part 3” review is coming out this Wednesday instead of today because of lack of planning on my part: I forgot to get the episode on my laptop to take notes on this week. Sorry about that. “Part 4” will come out next Sunday, though!

Now, I’m in an airport and getting ready to board a plane and head home. It was a great week, and I loved all the relaxing stuff we did, especially the sitting around lounging part; I’m very good at that! Tomorrow, I have my first Monday AYS rehearsal in the evening! Pretty exciting!

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