August 3, 2013

Days 67-70 (7/31-8/3)

So, AYS! Really, really fun! Much better than last year's retreat with AYO, in part because it wasn't so dreadfully hot and sticky and nasty this time around. We had rain, and lost power for a few hours in the morning the first full day we were up at the Hummingbird camp, so that was interesting. The entire experience was really cool. This year looks to be really fun, as I'm playing Beethoven's 7th, Tchaikovsky's Solennelle, and Bruch's Kol Nidre! Just really fun music! I found friends among the Second Violinists, and Mr. Gordon, our conductor, is a great example of efficiency and effectiveness!
Unfortunately, I came down with a bad cold while there, so while it was all fun, I was pretty much disintegrating while performing in the orchestra! It's hit its peak now, I think, so that's nice (not)! It probably didn't help that we went on a hike as part of the evening fun while at camp and at the end, we ran into a waterfall as an AYS tradition! Fun? Sure, but it did nothing good for my health! I also listened to a lot of A Clash of Kings to pass the time! I'm on the home stretch, man! It's awesome!
I must inform all 2 of you that read these (um, that's 1 for me, who checks these every once in a while, and 2 for my cousin, Lauren, who reads these probably to see how much more awesome her life is...) that I will be going to Idaho tomorrow through next Sunday the 11th, and I don't know if I'll have wifi there or not. I don't think I will, so I'll be doing another one of these "overview"-ish blog posts. While up there, I'll be swimming in the huge lake, and working on my review for "Darkness Rising, Part 3"; Part 2 comes out tomorrow, so look forward to that! This last week was really fun, and I'm loving AYS!

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