August 30, 2013

Day 97

It's great!

I've been posting videos in my blog posts lately! Not sure why; I just like a lot of videos!

Pretty cool day! Went to UNM for a college tour in the afternoon, and it was pretty cool. I liked the tour guide, and the classes seemed interesting. Dorm life looks to be a step up here than at other colleges, and overall, the tour was really cool. The level of access that students have to the city is a big selling point for this school, and being that it is at home (I live only a few blocks from the campus), it carries with it enough incentive for me to reconsider it as a viable option for college! Cool stuff.

Came home and completed my research question portion of my prospectus for my Senior Thesis! It turns out that my mind is apparently really quick in thought, and I had like seven different questions to launch me into research, all of which were strong and I wanted to talk about all of them. I had to pick one, so I ended up combining two into one question, and that seemed to work out pretty well. I'm glad I got that done today; I was pretty stressed about it all week, and then of course it took me about twenty minutes!

Luminaria bag folding continues! Dear God, this is so remedial! Luckily, my friend offered to help me tomorrow, so that's really nice of him! Gonna watch some Newsroom and then I'm off to bed. See you all tomorrow!

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