August 29, 2013

Day 96

It's an okay video. I found it on Tumblr.

Good day today. Had STAM, in which we learned more about graphs and the different types of graphs. Then I had Post, in which we talked more about Communism. Learned about McCarthy and his insane agenda and ethics, and then looked at some propaganda posters.

Adv. Eng. was cool We edited each other's music essays, and my reader had some good input for mine. She wrote about playing the theme from Titanic on the piano when she was little, and her essay was really good! After this, I auditioned for the part of Jiquis in Shakespeare's As You Like It. I declined the role, though, as it was too big and I just didn't have time in schedule to fit it in. Kind of a shame, but it was nice that the director thought of me!

Strings and free finished off the day. Practiced my concerto piece after class and edited it some more. My Mom picked me up early, so I had no Cross Country practice (it was an optional day anyway). She went off to Parent Night at my school while I was home. My violin teacher came over to my house but forgot her violin, so she mostly just listened to me play and gave me some pointers. I also showed her my concerto piece and she liked it. She said she would work with me on it, so that's cool!

Overall, pretty good day. Tomorrow, I have a UNM college visit, but it's all good because my friend is going too! That should be fun!

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