August 27, 2013

Day 94

No picture. Sorry guys! I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to sustain 271 more days of this with pictures and stuff!

Pretty good day today! STAM was fun. Learned about DOT PLOTS!!! That's just fun to say. Advanced English was crazy insane, as the teacher went on and on about how he knew this author through this musician of a band that a friend liked or something... I don't even... it was just really long but totally energetic and hilarious! We also got an assignment in which we must write about a song or artist that inspires or has impacted your life. You probably all know whom I'm writing about!

Third block was Post! We talked about Lenin, Stalin, and Communism! Crazy stuff, man. That class is great, and I'm loving how it's structured. Strings was probably the highlight of today's school day. My strings teacher approved my concerto, and said that we can and will perform it when I'm ready! Woot! Happy day. Cross Country was ridiculously tiring. Full 800 intervals, increasing speed and meeting our own times! WTF?!?!?! Really burnt out after that.

Then I had composition tutoring with Mr. Mauldin (I don't feel bad about putting his name here; he has his own website). It was cool. Learned more about Base clef and how to read it, and then he looked a little at my concerto. We'll be looking at that in more detail next week. I'm just super pumped to be doing this finally!

Super tired now. Going to bed. Tomorrow will be interesting! See y'all!

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