August 26, 2013

Day 93

Got The Prince by Machiavelli! Sweet stuff in here!

There should really be a command function in Bogger where you can set things to the left from center with just a keystroke. Anyway, great day today. Had English and Modern History and then nothing in the afternoon! How cool is that? Got a ton of stuff done as a result!

English was neat. We talked about Persepolis and analyzed it a little bit. History we learned more about Columbus and discovering the Americas from the European perspective, and then we had a fire drill, so that kinda ended things abruptly. Afternoon was nice. Got some math homework done so I'm now all caught up in STAM, and then talked with some friends for a while.

Cross Country was good. Easy day today. Mostly chatted with a friend of mine about fanfiction. She still needs to read my fic, but she said she'd probably do it this week if she had time, which basically means nothing, but hey, its the thought that counts! AYS was much better than last week's. The conductor did not yell at us, and we improved so much in those three hours! Cool stuff.

Tomorrow I have Advanced English, STAM (in which we take a quiz), Strings, and Post! Also, I have composition lessons that afternoon! Super stoked about that!!!

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