August 25, 2013

Day 92

Epic indeed! This is the highest score I've gotten on a single round! My opponent and I are just raking in huge amounts of points on this Matching Tiles game!

Posted "Darkness Rising, Part 5" review! Mini-series done!!! Woot.

Good day today, albeit slow. Woke up and wrote out a seven-page paper on Persepolis when the assignment was to write our thoughts out in a single paragraph. A paragraph?! Really? Who could do that? I'm not a succinct person, okay! Anyway, got that done, which was good. My Mom and I talked about some colleges that I might try to visit. We came up with Puget Sound, Redlands, and Whittier. Super stoked for those!

Worked more on a short story that I cooked up recently about running and my experience while doing it. It's kinda cool, I guess. Don't feel that I'm getting all my thoughts down well enough. Glancing over to my left, I just noticed that I got some new comic books! From yesterday, so sorry if I didn't say that!

My cousin is off to college! Crazy, man! Congratulations out to you, bro! Hopefully, we can still keep in touch! I like that I have like three emails and two phone numbers for him now. Lol.

Hmm, what else did we do today? I practiced the violin. And went to Flying Star per our usual Sunday schedule. Tomorrow I have all afternoon free! That should be nice. Not much else to report, really. Going to watch more Newsroom now. Goodnight, everyone.

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